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Re: [HoB/D] The Rector of Christ Church mount Pleasant responds to GC

> Hope all is well in your corner of ECUSA.  As you can imagine, they're very
> mixed here.  Up here at ******  things are pretty fine --
> but in Dayton, TN (home of the Scopes trial!), the little mission may fall
> apart.  Some of the clergy are under a good bit of stress, and it hurts me
> to see my colleagues hurting.  Thank God for [my parish]!  I keep
> reminding folks that we are under the patron saint of healers, and perhaps
> that's what we're called to be.

The Scopes trial occurred in 1925. Thirty-six years later, in 1961, I
camped out one weekend in June in the mountains near Dayton (while I
was a teacher at Darlington, a prep school in Rome, Georgia).  Early
Sunday morning we came in from the mountains to treat ourselves to a
big breakfast at a cafe that faced the court house.  Many old men were
in the cafe too, more to talk and drink coffee than to eat.  While
waiting for our hot cakes and bacon, I asked them whether evolution
was now being taught in the local schools.  Not one of them knew, and
they were quite worked up by the question.  Some assured me that come
Monday morning they would know and begin to put a stop to it if anyone
was daring to break the law.

Whew.  I wished that I had asked only about the weather.

It's just as dangerous these days to ask some Episcopal congregations
whether Jesus spent any time with prostitutes and other sinners.

Joy anyway!  Keep telling Good News in season and out.


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