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Re: [HoB/D] Article on a meeting of 815 of 10 bishops with the PB

> > Almost 2/3's of the GC deputies and bishops voted to approve Gene
> > Robinson's election to be bishop of New Hampshire - that's what's
> > often referred to as a super majority.<
> Actually, less than 60% of bishops and deputies voted in favor...nine votes
> in the right seats in the HOD could have reversed the outcome...hardly a
> super majority.

*********, do you know something the rest of us do not?  In a vote by
orders votes 'yes' do not differentiate between "4-0 and 3-1"; votes
'no' do not differentiate between "0-4 and 1-3."  Yet you would have
to have exact counts to be able to say accurately that "fewer than 60%
of deputies..."

On C045 (Consent to NH) if all the Yes votes were 4-0 and all the no
votes were 1-3, the measure passed by 72% in the lay order and by 73%
in the clergy order.  Note well my 'IF' Again, we cannot know how
individual deputies actually voted.

Of the bishops voting, 59% voted yes.  Of course 2 did not vote (WMass
and Ecuador).

See the actual votes at

If those opposed to c045 wanted an exact count of deputies, they
should not have called for a vote by orders.  Otherwise a simple
majority would have been all that was needed for the measure to fail
or pass.  That's also all that is required had the election been timed
to go to Standing Committees.  The Diocese of NH gave the opposition a
greater chance to deny consents by timing the election to go before
GC, and still the consents were granted.


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