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Re: [LS] "post-GC" meetings

> I doubt that any hearts and minds will be changed

If change requires the standard of Paul on the road to Damascus, I
share your doubt of that happening.  Conversion is rarely public and
rarely instantaneous for any of us.  Even at best it takes a few
hours, sometimes days, weeks or months to see the light.  And when we
do, because the change to be real must be integral to the one changed,
rarely does the changed person point to one other person and say, "She
changed me" or "He made me change."

Perhaps the most significant change effected by General Convention is
like that recognized in Hedda Gabler's famous line, "People don't do
things like that!" when we perceive that they do.

Until this GC, the bishops of Connecticut, Virginia, North
Carolina...... have never stood before crowds in the diocese over
several weeks to be accountable for consenting to the consecration of
an out gay bishop and for saying "we [the GC, the most authoritative
policy-maker for TEC] recognize that local faith communities are
operating within the bounds of our common life as they explore and
experience liturgies celebrating and blessing same-sex unions."

Will that help you recruit new members to every St. Swithen's?  Of
course, not.  Are people right to be suspicious of how sincere or
far-reaching this change of policy is?  You bet.

Imagine the suspicions about Saul of Tarsus after his alleged
conversion.  He had actively persecuted the Christians before his
experience on the road to Damascus.  He had been present at the
martyrdom of Stephen.

Paul had the decency not to go near Christians for two whole years
after his conversion, living in seclusion to come to terms with the
changes he had experienced.  They were convinced of his conversion not
by what he said about it, but by the new person that he had become.

GC set in motion a process that can change TEC significantly.  For
right now, no one can any longer say, "People don't do things like

Yes we do.

Thanks be to God.  Thanks be to all those, straight and gay alike, who
have worked so hard to make that happen.  Pray fervently that God will
sustain those who are now discovering the price they have to pay for
standing up for Good News.

"Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for so persecuted they the prophets
who were before you."


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