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Re: Anglican fears of Muslim retaliation because of TEC's GC 2003

I don't believe those fears are justified by the evidence.

As Kim Byham has noted on hobd, Jerry Falwell has repeatedly attacked
Islam in crass terms, and one cannot point to any retaliation made by
Muslims towards the many fundamentalist allies Falwell has working in
Africa and in other places with militant Muslims.

Most people in Africa are much too concerned with whether they will
have a next meal to be concerned about the plumbing of the bishop of

The leaders  in both religions find it much easier to rant and
rave against homosexuals than to attend the material and spiritual
needs of their people.  Do you realize how many Ugandan children could
go to school next year had the Archbishop of Uganda said, "Take the
$4,000+ it will cost to bring me to the USA, lodge me, and feed me for
10 days of GC and let me feed the hungry, care for the dying...."

Generation of vipers!


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