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Re: [gtng] Re: Remembering September 11, 2001

I was having breakfast at the Hilton in downtown Newark with two
priests, discussing a possible new companion-relationship for our
diocese.  We were annoyed when the waiter came to turn on the tv right
above our table, and it was very loud.  Then we saw.

Both priests rushed to their cures, one in Hackensack, the other in
Bayonne, beside the Statue of Liberty.  Both had parishioners working
in the the World Trade Center.

When I entered our apartment building, I heard Ernest typing at his
computer in our study.  I called out, "Isn't it awful what happened!"

"What?" he said.

"A plane just crashed into a tower of the World Trade Center!" I
answered as I moved down the hall toward him.

"I don't want any more of your sick internet jokes!" he snorted.

He had pulled the blinds shut so that he could see his crt.  I opened
them to the blindingly beautiful morning.  He turned around. With a
clear view from the Verrazano Bridge to the George Washington Bridge,
we saw the flames from the first tower.  A short while later we saw
the flames from the second.  By that time we had moved to the living
room to watch close ups on tv and the real thing from our apartment

Ernest had been scheduled to work a flight to London later that
afternoon.  Normally the view from our window is never absent a plane
flying into or from the Newark Airport or Teterborough airport.  At
this moment the Empire State Building points to the bottom of a
private plane headed toward lading at the Teterborough airport.  But
for those next three days we watched stared out the windows to empty
airspace, the tumbled towers burning, burning, and could not take in
the enormity of it.  We still cannot.  We still check the skyline for
new holes.


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