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RE: [HoB/D] Statement by the Ugandan Primate

Guess who gets to tote +Gene's+ pitchfork!

I greeted the Archbishop Nkoyoyo in a gentle way twice at GC, and he
refused to reply.  He knows me well from the time that he excoriated
me for several minutes in his home in the presence of all bishops of
the Sudan and many bishops of Uganda, and from a later encounter at
General Seminary.

This reminds me of the time Archbishop Peter Akinola dashed to the
other side of the room when I introduced him to Ernest at a reception
following his enthronement service at St. John the Divine, at which I
had been a lector.  Later in the reception one of our bishops called
me over to engage him in conversation with me. The Archbishop, looking
like a deer in headlights, summoned an aide across the room and
abruptly ended the bishop's attempt to promote conversation.

Queer power.

   Be happy when people revile you and persecute you and
   utter all kinds of evil about you falsely on my account.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad!

Lutibelle/Louie, L2 Newark, Member of Executive Council

On Sep 11 1:11am mark harris wrote:

> The Primate of Uganda's prayer at the close of his statement says this:
> "We grieve because we see this Church (The Episcopal Church) leading
> your people astray into satanic ways. "
> This "satanic ways" business is either crazy or an outrage, for it seems
> to me fairly clear that the Archbishop is saying, and worse praying,
> that something about being, supporting or engaging gay and lesbian
> persons is satanic. Let us pray that the Archbishop is just crazy.
> Because if he is not he is making a charge that has an awful and
> terrifying history. Remember, the charge of satanic "ways" guides the
> inquisitor, the witch hunter, burnings at the stake, and crusades. It is
> a miserable business. If he is not crazy he brings shame on the office
> he holds.
> Once the charge is out there again that there is something satanic about
> associating with or supporting gay and lesbian people and about being
> gay or lesbian, ecclesiastical terror is nearer at hand than we might
> have previously supposed. If the Archbishop is suffering under the
> illusion that he has taken the moral high ground, let him know that this
> is not true. He is now morally bankrupt, having spent his words of
> prayer in hateful accusation.
> Enough!
> Mark Harris, c Delaware.

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