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+++Rowan and the Special Primates Meeting

[To a friend in Britain]

Some here really despair of +++Rowan's apparent willingness to encourage those who seek to
split the Communion apart to discipline TEC.  The Communion probably means much more to
those who have lived under the similar aegis of Empire than it means to most Episcopalians,
for whom it has seemed remote, quaint, and 'probably useful for helping us to respond to
needs in the world.' With the recent exception our noisy but small evangelical contingent,
almost no Episcopalian has thought of asking the Anglican Communion what we should do on any
theological matter.

Threats to punish us or expel us will not likely have efficacy in promoting our
'repentance'; quite the contrary.  By contrast, generosity would quicken the almost terminal
Angophilia of many Episcopalians. The Communion and +++Rowan would get far more out of us by
respecting our polity and by curbing the shrill overestimates of the instrument of the
authority of the Communion.

The current mess offers a great opportunity for us all to grow in understanding across our
cultural & theological differences.  I hope we don't duck that opportunity.

Love, L.

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