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Re: Definitions of Christianity (was: What to call John S.)

> It is when the church perceives itself as being threatened that we
> circle the wagons and demand proof of allegiance. Given that, I'm
> not sure that such an impulse to classify is as much of God as it is
> a product of our fears.

I agree.

The impulse to classify seems more apparent in my generation than in
yours.  I hope yours will lead TEC away from that.  Too often the
impulse serves a desire to exclude or disassociate from those who
don't pass the tests.

I prefer to let God be the judge of who got it right, and Jesus's
Judgment Day criteria don't mention a thing about right theology, only
about loving action toward those whom we deem the least among us.

I can pass the Creed with a lie-detector, but would not join a church
that requires a lie-detector.  None of the first Christians could have
understood the Creed, and their salvation most certainly was not
conditional upon it.

+Jack Spong has fed me Eucharist dozens of times.  He and Christine
have often been in our home and Ernest & I in theirs.  I hope that all
can take the bible and faith questions as seriously as +Jack does.
Jack and I often disagree, and that enhances rather than diminishes our
close friendship and the love we have for each other.


Lutibelle/Louie, 66
Member of Executive Council

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