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Labels: Conservatives & Liberals

I look forward to your essay.  Labels can liberate or bind us. 
I see no way not to use them, but we must not let others limit us
by their powers of naming us.  Most of the struggles for the last 150
years can be described as the struggle for the right to do our
own naming.

The Conservatives seem to me to have lost much of what is good about
'conserving.'  In the political sphere, for one example, they have
taken an economy with a surplus and have converted it into the largest
deficit we have ever known, in just three years.  In matters of faith
and doctrine, they have sought to conserve the letter of the law, and
even that very narrowly:  their idea of a Christian family looks more
like middle-class whites dressed up in bathrobes for a Christmas
pageant than the real thing.

Yet they have pegged us liberals as revisionists.  I would much prefer
'envisionists,' folks who seek to follow the spirit of the new law of
love and explore what it looks like to love absolutely everybody.

Conservative Episcopalians are revanchists, binding themselves in the
agenda of seeking to retaliate, esp. to recover lost territory.  I
don't hear much good news in that.

I hope we can move beyond labels and unite loving one another as much
as God does, so that we can get on with the mission of loving the


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