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Re: Culture Wars

> Perhaps Louie or others on the list who are more enlightened on this can
> offer suggestions.  My guess is that if there are ways to connect with
> anglican congregations in a direct way, we bypass the primates and the ugly
> politics.  We must find a way to be in relationship with the rest of our
> family.

If one wants to get involved in projects internationally, contact
parishes within your diocese who already are.  The Rev. Mark Harris
poetmark@worldnet.att.net directs GEM (Global Episcopal Mission), the
network of diocesan programs of mission beyond their borders.
Margaret Larom mlarom@episcopalchurch.org coordinates Episcopal
Project in Global Mission (EPGN).  Jane Butterfield
jbutterfield@episcopalchurch.org coordinates the Episcopal Church's
Young Adult Corps (for which I wrote the enabling resolution passed by
GC in 2000).  Also visit the websites of Episcopal Relief and
Development (ERD) http://www.er-d.org/ and ECUSA's Office of Global
Relations http://www.episcopalchurch.org/agr/

Or go fishing on your own.  A good place to start is the Directory of
the Anglican Communion, at
http://www.anglicancommunion.org/tour/index.cfm  From that site you
can connect to websites of Anglicans all over the world.

Beware, however.  Henry David Thoreau warned that when someone comes
to the front door intent on doing a good deed it is safest to dash out
the back.

This is especially true when the good intended attaches the
expectation that we will then somehow be indebted to change the way we
perceive the giver.  We don't like those who come to be nice to us
with the intend of making us straight; nor should we expect our
'enemies' to welcome us if our kindness toward them is driven by our
desire to make them give us a seal of approval.

Our work globally, like our work in our own immediate neighborhoods, 
should be predicated on the understanding that those whom we serve are 
God's vicars, not that we are.  It is in their face that Jesus bids us 
see his.


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