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Re: David Anderson, et al

Jesus had his own learning curve when some importunate women
(Samaritan and Syro-Phoenician and others) insisted he forget his
narrow Jewish upbringing.

It would be a terrible waste of God's time to become flesh and not
participate with mind -- one of the flesh's most delightful functions.

Even our father Abraham was able to persuade God to change his mind.
How much better a living God with a mind to change than idols fixed
forever with one point of view and no mind at all.


On Jul 23 12:24pm Susan Russell wrote:

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> > David Anderson+ spoke of the biblical argument, saying that modern
> > interpretations are like saying God had a learning curve.  (His same
> > argument would apply to the many other things that we no longer do as
> > literally prescribed -- it is a very weak argument.)

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