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Re: More on terrorism

> Precisely, African-Americans got ahead by doing their own thing
> in their own church. The Lesser Feasts and Fasts for 20 July
> (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Jenks Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, and
> Harriett Ross Tubman) makes it clear that the powerful women we
> commemorate today didn't get ahead by being nice.
> They stood for what they believed and suffered the consequences.
> Standing for liberation ain't easy, whether it be for civil rights,
> women's rights, or lgbtq liberation. We need churches which will be
> centers of liberation rather than the chapels of the establishment.
> It takes a village to bring change. If ECUSA won't be that village,
> then others will be found/invented.

You're right.  We do need such churches and the only way to have them
is to be them.  Ain't I the church?  Ain't you an Episcopalian?
Sojourn together rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit!

L., Member of the Board of Directors of the Episcopal Church,
    and Quean for Jesus' Sake

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