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Dysfunctional Crystal Balls, Thinking Caps, & Functional Tickleboxes

The LIVING CHURCH uses the sub-head "Adoption Is Expected" regarding
the resolution to draft a rite for same-sex blessings, in TLC's thick
GC issue which arrived today.  Prognostication is not the kind of
prophecy to which I am called, but I enjoy the exercise anyway.  It's
a bit like Scrabble, trying to put the pieces together in at least one
or two ways that make sense, but not always in the way that takes the

One of the factors not discussed much in this forum yet is that we
will elect the nominating committee for the 26th Presiding Bishop.
See my review of those eligible to be nominated at
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/26thPBwho.html.  Will positions taken
by GC and by potential nominees influence the committee's nominations
and/or the election itself at GC 2006? Some bishops nearing retirement
have told me that it was fascinating to watch some of the likely
contenders from all 'sides' at Kanuga this spring.

When I was a boy, my father loved to tell again and again how much he
had enjoyed watching Tom Heflin (father of the more recent Senator
Heflin) campaign in rural Alabama.  Tom Heflin could mesmerize a
crowd.  During the movement to establish Prohibition, Heflin would say
very dramatically, "When I think of all the evil that has been caused
by Demon Alcohol, when I think of all the little children going
without food because Daddy is drunk and when I think of all the loving
wives trying to make clothes for them out of rags they found in an
alley......  I am agin' it!"  Half of the crowd roared their approval.
"But when I think of waking up on a cold winter morning, before I have
made the fire or put on my robe, and when I think of putting my bare
toes on the cold floor, and when I remember to reach in the chifferobe
for a little snort, then I am for it!"  The other half of the crowd
roared their approval.  Heflin won by a landslide with both groups

One of the most important things to bring to Minneapolis is our
tickleboxes, along with our thinking caps.  Share good humor,
especially with those with whom you disagree.  Our positions and
convictions are immensely important. We bear the best witness to them
by enjoying the company of those who disagree with us.


Lutibelle/Louie, L2 Newark, Member of Executive Council

       If Michaelangelo had been straight, he would have painted
       the Sisteen Chapel off-white, with a roller.
                                             --Rita Mae Brown

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