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An ole quean's advice to those going to Minneapolis

Leave all your anxiety at home; that is the devil's work.  Regardless
of the outcome, our job is to love the Episcopal Church and
specifically those at this General Convention as ardently as Jesus
does.  Bring your gourmet locusts and wild honey.  Wear your most
comfortable loin cloth. Spray yourself with your favorite cologne, and
hug everybody so that it will rub off.

I am so grateful to be a part of our witness team.  The core group of
Claiming the Blessing has done a superlative job under the most
grueling and unrelenting pressures -- every one of them, but most
especially Susan Russell our director and Michael Hopkins our
president.  Consider too the enormous pressure now on our bishop-elect
+Gene+ and his beloved Mark.

I urge you to take at least 10 minutes a day to pray for each of them
beginning now and going through convention.  Hold their faces before
you.  Print out their pictures and carry them with you.  You can find
Susan's picture at
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/gallery/susanrussell.jpg, Michael's
at http://www.integrityusa.org/board/michael.jpg, and Gene's at
http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/gallery/bp-robinson.jpg.  God will
provide the nimbi for all with eyes to see.

And don't forget to pray for yourself.  I learned that most
dramatically during the Prayers of the People on Sunday when I went to
Trinity in Asbury Park to hear Kim Byham speak about General
Convention.  One of the many items on my prayer card stuck in my date
book is cryptically 'Nwk Deps.' One by one I named them silently,
envisioning each, loving each, rejoicing in their gifts.  And then I
was caught up short.  "Why did you not pray for yourself?  Do you not
know that I love you too,"  God interrupted my prayer to speak to my
heart.  I wept to be caught up yet again in this blessed assurance.
O for a foretaste of Glory Divine.  Heir of salvation promised of

God wants us to use us at this convention so that everyone will go
away assured of God's infinite love, God's manifold and great mercies.


Love, Lutibelle

Louie Crew, 377 S. Harrison St., 12D, E. Orange, NJ 07018 973-395-1068
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               There are 8 days left until General Convention.

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