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What Lay Discipleship is All About

> We are told in this diocese that our Convention has virtually no authority
> at all, but that diocesan council, which the bishops dominates and the
> standing committee, the meetings of which he attends or sends HQ staff as
> sort of papal emissaries, possess all the power and is not answerable to
> Convention! The theory is that Convention elects those it chooses to these
> bodies. But in a tiny diocese, the bishop for good or ill influences those
> choices in a formidable manner, and he black lists clergy and laity who
> stand up and challenge.

The description is all too common.

One of the major hurdles I had to get past to be effective as a
disciple of Jesus in this church was the pedestal on which I was
conditioned to place bishops.  They're much more important to me as
fellow disciples.

One of the major hurdles students much get past to be effective
thinkers is similar, viz., the pedestal on which they are conditioned
to place teachers.

One of Jesus' most radical statements was "I have not called you
servants, but friends."  There is much more responsibility upon those
of us who take on that calling.  And that responsibility is at the
heart supportive of episcopal and clerical persons, not opposed to
them one whit.



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