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Re: Zero Tolerance

> Eve of Macrina + 18 July 03
> Dear Louie,
> Abuse is abuse is abuse.  I am less and less accepting of even having to
> listen to or read this stuff.  I am not a separatist (a la Garvey,
> Malcolm X) nor do I want to repay with any type of violence (mental ot
> otherwise) the violence and abuse we GLBT suffer at the hands of
> 'Theology' chairs, bishops and the like.  I am angry, I believe in a
> good way, but really damn angry that this behavior continues to spread
> itself over so many lives and 'religious' organizations.  They - these
> bishops in their latest threat, make a mockery out of humanity and any
> notion of Church.   The first, best response now into the future seems
> to me:  Zero Tolerance!  Is anyone else preaching this?  Where do we go?
> Does any of this make sense Louie or am I simply having a few bad hair
> days?  I really am unable to sit still or be quiet when as these birds
> circle!
> Wish I could be in Minneapolis, too.  If I should be able to get out
> their for a couple of days, which days would be best?  Or about which
> days?  Maybe it best you not have me there anyway - I'd probably get too
> red in the face if anybody talked to me the wrong way!
> Love you - more than ever!

Many have on both sides of the issues that divide us have left the fray
and some have even left ECUSA in an effort to manifest Zero Tolerance.  I
respect them.  That is not my calling.  Mine is to stay in a perpetual arm
wrestle for us all, our enemies and friends alike, to claim God's manifold
and great mercies.  I'm not sure what 'tolerate' means in this context. 
They have to put up with me, and I with them.  In the process they and I
alike discover we have made some terrible mistakes.  Each side has
suffered abuse.

May God use you to bless others with whatever choice you make!

Love, Lutibelle/Louie

Louie Crew
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