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Getting from the airport to your hotels; weather....

I called our hotel and was advised to take SuperShuttle for $13, or a
cab for $25.

The official GC website advises: "The General Convention Office has
made special arrangements with SuperShuttle to transport attendees to
the 74th General Convention from the airport to the downtown hotels. A
special discounted rate of $23.00 for a round-trip ticket, $13.00 for
a one-way ticket has been negotiated. SuperShuttle provides 24-hour
service, 7 days a week. Both cash and credit cards are accepted."

The regular rate and the special rate appear to be the same.

Super Shuttle has a booth at the airport.  You can also book in
advance by calling 800-258-3826.  They will ask for your flight number
and arrival time.  You can also make reservations online at


You can get a 5-day weather report for downtown Minneapolis at any
time by clicking on

Minnesota has three months in a year:  June, July, and winter.
(sometimes described as "two seasons, winter and road repair).  We'll
be there for the best part!


For a preview of the hospitality of the Diocese of Minnesota, see
http://www.episcopalmn.org/News_GC2003_FinalPreps_060503.htm.  See
also http://www.episcopalmn.org/News_GC2003_LAC_040203.htm


Locating hotels where friends are staying.  For a list of all
Minneapolis hotels, see

This site links to the individual site of most hotels, where you can
learn about swimming pools, exercise rooms, business centers.....


I hope that this information is useful.  I am saving it in my Natter


if you forget to save it.


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