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Re: [HoB/D] A note from "Richard Hooker"

> I wonder if we Anglicans have a theology about who ['how'?] the
> Church is supposed to respond to prophetic words?  How do we
> recognize them and how do we know the right response?  Right now it
> is through the legislative action of General Convention.  Is there
> some other model?  (I'm seriously asking this question - I don't
> have an answer.)

Thank you for your irenic response.

Yes, there are many ways we move toward consensus about what God is
asking of us, not just through legislative action.  One of the best
ways is the kind of comprehensiveness in your own parish, which
clearly does not hold the same consensus it had 10, 20, or 30 years

Another is by engaging in friendships and collaboration with other
disciples who are in groups now scorned.  That's the kind of
experience so missing from the strident voices coming out of many
other parts of the Anglican Communion. Bishops lied big time at
Lambeth in promising to have those conversations, and now they are
stressing out the Communion by trying to act beyond the grounds of
their juridical authority.  We should listen to them as patiently and
respectfully as a faithful child listens to a beloved parent raging
out of control.

As important as other alternatives are, they do not for me reduce the
importance of legislative action at GC 2003.  That's what we were
elected to address.  Most certainly legislation is not the only way to
address the issues, nor even the most important, but legislation is
the job of a legislature, and I pray that we will do it well rather
than pretend to be some kind of other body.


L2 Newark, Member of Executive Council

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