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[HoB/D] Accountability to the General Convention

Bravo, xxxxxxxxx!

One way to assure the accountability which you seek is to pass
Resolution D005 "Amend Canons I.2.4(c) & I.4.3" accessible from the
menu for 'D-Resolutions' at
http://submitresolution.dfms.org/view_legislation.aspx.  D005 was
proposed by Elizabeth Downie+ (Eastern Michigan) and endorsed by
Robert Davidson+ (Colorado), Mark Harris+ (Delaware), Patricia Abrams+
(Chicago) and RPM Bowden (Atlanta).

Our current system is dysfunctional and needs repair. I do not see
malfeasance or ill will, but a huge under-use of resources and talent
in some, but not all, of the DFMS operations.

I have been raising many of the same questions, occasionally to the
deaf ears of the Management Team, sometimes to the aggressive
resistance of some of its members.  I see not a personality problem or
even an issues problem, but a system problem.

As now constituted, the Management Team is not accountable to
Executive Council, only to the Presiding Bishop. Thus, the Management
Team is entitled to be forthcoming with information only at its will.

Nor is the Presiding Bishop accountable to Executive Council.  Unlike
a CEO accountable to a board of directors, the Presiding Bishop sits
as chair of the Board of Directors of the DFMS.  The chore takes time
and energy that he might otherwise have for the huge pastoral
responsibilities, which are closer to his heart.

By contrast, the laws of the State of New York assign full fiduciary
responsibility to Executive Council when constituted as the Board of
Directors of the DFMS and assure that we should have access to all
information necessary to meet our fiduciary responsibility.

For the Executive Council to have the authority to assure that the
Church Center carries out the will of General Convention, the
Management Team needs to be accountable to Executive Council.  Right
now, they talk to Council but do not have to do anything that Council

L., Nwk L2, Member of Executive Council

On Jun 12 4:00pm xxxx xxxxx wrote:

> Thursday
> Like most of those who have engaged in conversations on this
> listserv (and probably most of those who just read what we write), I
> too am tired of the sex issue/s.  I'd like to try and change the
> subject.
> Title I, Canon 4, Sec.1(b), Of the Executive Council, states the
> following: " The Executive Council shall be accountable to the
> General Convention and shall render a full published report
> concerning the work with which it is charged to each meeting of the
> said Convention.


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