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Re: Congregational Dev & the NH Election

It is important to shape the context in which we discuss sexual issues
as Christians.

Very Rev. Philip Turner, retired Dean at Berkeley-Yale, gave a talk to
Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry on homosexual issues in the
church.   He is an arch conservative, and so is TESM.  He said at the
outset, I am told by one who was there, that no one should be given
much attention on this subject who cannot begin by saying, "I may be
wrong, but...."

I concur 100%.

I am far more certain about God than I am about my views on
homosexuality.  God's property is always to show mercy.  Jesus advised
us to pray to God, "Use the same standard for forgiving me that I use
in forgiving others."  I put my own soul at risk in praying Jesus'
prayer if I am not prepared to forgive those who disagree with me,
even those who would do me harm.

We doom ourselves to petulance if not outright rancor if we think we
will solve this issue in a conclusive way for everybody.  We are all
under judgment to love, honor, respect, care for, nourish, and uphold
those with whom we disagree.

I have not arrived at my understanding of human sexuality easily.  I
pray that I am behaving faithfully in my life commitment to Ernest
Clay, now for almost 30 years.  But when I stand before God at
Judgment Day, I do not expect to say, "Let me in because I was right
about homosexuality!"  I expect to say then, as I do daily, "God, be
merciful to me, a sinner."

We are about persons, not issues.  Sexual orientation is integral to
who we are, but it does not define us.  As Christians we are defined
as 'children of God.' Bedrock is important when we try to discern
right and wrong.  It is far more important that I confess my own sins
than that I properly judge the sins of others.

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