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Re: [HoB/D] To choose or not to choose

On Jun 9 8:34pm XXXXXXXXX@aol.com wrote:

> Brother Louie
> Are you suggesting by your post of 05/09/03 that gay and lesbians
> are part of our brokenness, as are divorced men and women, as thus
> "should be left there"?

Brother XXXXXXX,

I was commenting on the brokenness of divorce.  I was not commenting
on gays and lesbians, but yes, gays and lesbians sin and need to bring
our sins to the altar and leave them there.  We in the church do not
need to keep rehashing anyone's sins which have already been confessed
and forgiven, lest we deny God's power or worse, presume to usurp it
by telling God whom God may or may not forgive.

I do not "confess" being gay.  God knows already.  I do not believe
being gay or lesbian, is a sin, nor do I believe that living in a
faithful monogamous gay or lesbian relationship is a sin.  If I
thought my faithful gay commitment was sinful, I would abandon it.

I do not understand my sin as my love of Ernest, but rather, that
sometimes I do not love Ernest enough, namely as much as I love
myself.  Selfishness is a far uglier sin than any of the sexual
acrobatics that the prurient attribute to me in the evil imaginations
of their heart.  At 66, I suppose I should be amused by their lurid
fantasies, but I find them tiresome.  They diminish those who dwell on
them and by them they cut themselves off from the abundance of God's

I may be wrong about homosexuality, but I am not wrong about God,
whose property is always to show mercy.  At Judgment Day, I don't
expect to say, "Let me in because I was right about sexuality."  I
expect to say, as I pray daily, "God, be merciful to me, a sinner."

Those who think homosexual relationships are per se sinful, still are
under the command to 'love mercy.' I have seen little in the manner in
which people are registering objections to Gene's sexuality that
suggests mercy, let alone 'LOVE OF mercy.' As Richard noted, those
expressing condemnation don't bother to comment about heterosexual
clergy and bishops who have divorced.

We are in grave danger if the self-righteous take over the church.

We could pack the Episcopal Church if we would make it safe for
sinners.  They're are the only ones for whom Christ died.  They're the
one with whom He spends most of His time. The 'righteous' have no need
of a savior.

I am a sinner saved by God's grace, amazing still.  As far as the East
is from the West, so far has God removed my sins, known and unknown.
It is not my righteousness that I proclaim, but God's manifold and
great mercy.

Such joy is meant for absolutely everybody!

Louie, Nwk L2, Member of Executive Council

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