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Re: Question....and Good News

> Re GC...has anyone ever done a survey to find out how many of the rank and
> file know when it happens, what it does, etc.?

I don't know of one.

> Even in the chats, there seems to be some confusion about whether the 
> church > should speak out on issues.  I wonder if the disciples 
> fussed at Jesus for doing so.
> What do you think is the common parish member's understanding of GC?

I lead forums at lots of different parishes, and find much interest,
but I suppose those who would invite me are somewhat self-selected as
being interested in challenges.

I think it not highly important that all Episcopalians share our
enthusiasm:  when I am not on the vestry I am not keenly interested in
the details of their work unless Ernest, who is on the vestry, wants
my advice.  When they are doing their job well, the bills are paid,
the lights stay on, and the rest of us can get on with other
ministries.  There is an equivalence, albeit not exact, in the task 
of GC.  Not everyone has the gift for it, nor the interest.

I agree that our justice ministries are immensely important, and
many are detailed at 





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