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Reconciling whom?

Lesbigay sexuality is the presenting issue for much of the conflict in
ECUSA and the Anglican Communion right now.  It will not cease to be
by official attempts to ignore it.  Lesbigays did not ask for this
role, but if we are to pick up that cross and bear it, the Church must
take notice or risk Judgment Day criteria.  If the church ignores us
while scapegoating us, it makes of us the least of these Christ's
sisters and brothers, and has all the more responsibility toward us.

I agree with you that it would be terrible for sexuality issues to
hijack the convention to the exclusion of economic justice, world
mission, 20/20, and many other issues.  I care deeply about these
issues as a senior member of The Standing Commission on Anglican and
International Peace with Justice Concerns, as a member of Executive
Council's International Concerns Committeee, as an evangelist, and as
a gay disciple of Jesus.

I deplore the way that the last General Convention was hijacked by
Benedictine 'spirituality' to the point that "Justice" was not even
mentioned -- and that in the year of Jubilee!

There is an easy way to keep justice/mission claimants from being
pitted against each other:  include them all.

No justice can be done when it is bought with the price of injustice
to others. The best way to be sure that Benedictine spirituality does
not hijack Jubilee is to assure that justice issues are a part of
Benedictine spirituality.  The best way to be sure that sexuality
issues do not hijack issues of economic justice, 20/20....  is to
assure that discussions of economic justice include the economic
concerns of battered women, lesbigay parents, lesbigay couples who are
denied economic status as couple....  that 20/20 includes reaching out
with compassion and welcome to lesbigays who have been battered by
Christendom.  The best way to hold the Anglican Communion together is
not by suppressing the lesbigay issue in ECUSA but by calling on the
whole communion to live into the Lambeth pledge to hear the stories of
lesbigay Christians.  So far the only parts of the Lambeth sexuality
resolution that have been lived into are those that scorn us.


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