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My response to the House of Bishops Theology Committee

Heres' my attempt to restate some of what I said when I attended the
session on the report of the Theology Committee given at the synod of
Province 2:

The statement from the theology committee seems to me profoundly sad,
because of its stinginess.  Nothing in it manifests mercy, and
certainly it indicates no love of mercy.  I have found that when
people are filled with an awareness of God's abundant love, they are
generous.  This document shows the committee learned to treat each 
other well, and for that I am grateful, but they did so at 
the expense of those not in the conversation.  They refused even
to let us name ourselves.

I understand the temptation liberals faced on the Theology Committee.
I faced it when I was asked to co-chair the New Commandment Task
Force, and I stated from the beginning that if delivering support for
non-action on blessings was the test of my taking the job in good
faith, then I could not take the job.  I promised to go into every
part of the gatherings with an open mind, but noted, "I do not have
the authority to sell out those whom I am here to represent."
We had a splendid and difficult set of five meetings, for 5 days 
each, with a good balance between the conservatives and liberals.
We heard about and acknowledged the pain we cause one another.  We 
did not presume to make a legislative deal that we had no 
authority to make, any of us.

More and more I realize that the blessing of same-sex unions is far
more important for straights than for lesbigays:  it is unhealthy for
people to hold back in blessing those whom God has obviously so
blessed already.   Stinginess curses the stingy far more than it hurts
those to whom they are stingy.  God invites us all to live generously
into the abundance intended for absolutely everybody.


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