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Re: Friendly Parishes?

On May 6 2:25pm YYYYYYY@YYYYYY.com wrote:

> Hello Louie!
> You may not recall who I am, but we met perhaps a decade ago when I was on
> staff at XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, and we were trying valiantly to organize an
> Integrity chapter in that diocese.  I've been serving [quietly] in the
> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the past eight years and am at the beginning
> stages of a search for a new position.
> My quick question for you, perhaps not so quickly answered, is this:  Does
> Integrity [or does anyone] have a listing or at least a "heads up" on
> congregations which are in a search process and which are open to having a
> gay rector?  I certainly will appreciate a moment of your time to reply.
> Many thanks, for this and for your continuing advocacy.
Gentle YYYY+,

It is good to re-connect.  Best wishes.

There is no such registry or list, and at this stage, perhaps that is
a good thing.  Many parishes that would consider lesbigay candidates
fairly would not want to put themselves on such a list, for much the
same reason that many openly gay deputies (out to their parishes,
their bishops, their communities....) do not allow me to list them on
my small collection of openly gay deputies at


A priest (and a deputy) does not consider herself/himself at the
center of her/his ministry, and such a listing for some (not for me!)
signals that the sexuality issue is more than integral, but possibly
definitive of who those consider themselves to be.

Also, many parishes simply do not want to pick a fight with their
bishop or local community, and certainly not before the lesbian or gay
priest has had a chance to be known in a full range of gifts.

That makes it very difficult for those of us who want to be upfront
without being 'in your face' -- difficult but not impossible.  As with
many of our other priorities, we can often discern a possible match by
much that is said in parish profiles and job descriptions.  All
language in those is highly coded and allows for good followup, as
well as it sometimes signals, 'sounds like a place I would not be
welcome.' When you spot openings about which you are not sure,
Integrity's president, currently Michael Hopkins+
<MWHopkins@comcast.net>, will know someone who knows the parish and/or
the bishop.  It's a small church, and our networks are extensive.

You might also check the network of parishes listed as welcoming on
the Oasis website, at http://www.dioceseofnewark.org/theoasis/

I hope this is helpful.  Call on me when you have a short list of
places with openings about which you want specific information, and I
will be glad to help track information on them.


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