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Systems of Privilege

> Should we not be identifying those Dioceses and Bishops which seem
> to do better and find out what might be helpful to share?

Yes!  Yes!

See my table "Women Priests in ECUSA's 100 Domestic Dioceses" at
http://www.andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/womenpr.html.  The same report
also has a table of "Bishops Who Ordained."

See the more recent report on deployment by diocese prepared for
Executive Council in response to A045 by Lee Clark thecrc@comcast.net
of Church Reports Company.  Executive Council's Congregations in
Ministry Committee has on its agenda for Council's April meeting at
request to Kirk Hadaway khadaway@episcopalchurch.org, ECUSA's new
Director of Research, to do an update of this data.

See my report on deployment of Black Clergy at
http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/blkpr.html That report lists
priests deployed by size of the congregations.  I list all black ECUSA
clergy at http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/blkpr.html and most
Asian ECUSA clergy at


See also my collection of nominee announcements at


and my earlier study of runners-up at

See my study of female deputies to GC 2003 at


and my list of female deputies to GC 2003 at


See my study of deputies of color to GC 2003 at


and my lists of deputies of color to GC 2003 at


These resources are inadequate, but they are a start and have been
around for several years now.

The worst racism and sexism is often not personal, but systemic.
Systems of privilege are in place and will perpetuate themselves even
when no ill will operates in those of us who maintain the systems.

Too often we review our conscience only in terms of personal guilt --
what have I done that I ought not to have done, and what have I left
undone that I ought to have done.  Too seldom do we educate our
consciences to ask "what unjust systems of privilege have I failed to
expose and help dismantle?"

The purpose of such a question is NOT to send us on yet another guilt
trip, but to send us out into the world to do the work we are
commissioned to do.

All my best intentions and feelings toward women and persons of color
in no way diminish my privileges as a white male in this country and
in this church.

The only way to dismantle systems of privilege is to make a conscious
effort to do so over as much time as necessary to assure efficacy.

I see very little in the current processes by which we make most
institutional decisions that manifests a conscious effort to dismantle
the systems of privilege.

I find my motives quite suspicious if I undertake justice work solely
to help others.  Thoreau said that if a person came to his door with
the intent to do a good deed, he would dash out the back.  The major
reason for doing justice work is so that we and everyone else may live
in a more just world.  Justice work is not a gift we have to give to
victims; a world without victims is a gift to us all.

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