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[HoB/D] ECUSA Communicants 1991-2001: Up 15.7%

See my newest report, on ECUSA Communicants 1991-2001, at



ECUSA grew by 15.7% in the decade 1991-2001.

Dioceses which grew by 40% or more in the decade:

Florida 52.6%
Western NC 49.7%
Vermont 49.5%
Wyoming 49.0%
Idaho 48.2%
Tennessee 41.7%

Dioceses which shrank by 10% or more in the decade:

Navajoland  -26.4%
Northwestern PA -15.1%
Western TN -11.6%
Western NY -11.2%

In the full report I provide two tables for dioceses, one that is
alphabetical, another sorting in descending order of percent of

The report is based on data from the Episcopal Church Center as
recorded in THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH ANNUAL for each of the years.  The
newest issue, 2003, is just out, and reports data for 2001.  All
ANNUALs report data for two years prior to the date of the ANNUAL.


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