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Re: ECUSA and two minds

On Feb 7 11:21pm xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Thank you for taking time out to write.  Most (who i
> know) who are staying in the Episcopal church are
> doing it with the hope that ECUSA will come to her
> senses.  Those who have left (and fairly recently
> joined AiMA I might ad) say that leaving has been good
> for them in many ways, not the least is building the
> kingdom of God, instead of wasted time and energy on
> in-fighting.
> What is to be gained by staying together when we have
> so little in common?  I don't think churches should
> split over trivia things, but we don't have agreement
> on who Christ was and yet call ourselves Christian.
> So do the Mormons I believe.  Why not grease the skids
> so to speak and let conservatives who feel
> marginalized and ostracized, or liberals who feel the
> same way opt out with their possessions?

I attended the AMiA consecrations in Denver, and I agree that it was
good to see people rejoicing in their own celebrations, not wasting
energy attacking ECUSA.  I wrote about this in
http://www.andromeda.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/natter/msg00074.html and at
least two of those ordained found it and wrote to thank me for those

I am grateful for all in ECUSA and hope that all can find happiness
here.  When people cannot, I rejoice in the happiness they find

I know what it is to leave a church.  I was brought up Southern
Baptist.  I attended Baylor University as a licensed Baptist preacher
and a ministerial student.  Shortly after graduate school, I left the
Baptists and was confirmed as an Episcopalian, on October 29, 1961.
All my family remained Baptist, and I continue to treasure parts of my
Baptist heritage -- my baptism by immersion, much of the shape of my
prayer life, lots of the Baptist hymns (especially `Just as I am'; I
would have had a harder time becoming an Episcopalian were it not also
in ECUSA's hymnal), the doctrine of the priesthood of the individual
believer, a strong commitment to separation of church and state.....

> same way opt out with their possessions?

Their possessions?

We give to God and our gifts become God's in that institution where 
we gave.  When we leave, we take with us much, much more than any 

It would never occur to me to ask the Baptist to give me the portion 
of the property that I had funded before I left.  

Best wishes.  


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