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Re: ECUSA and two minds

If you study church history, especially Anglican history, we have
never had a time with a full consensus; we have always had radically
different interpretations of whatever at the time is considered the
`basics.'  The Elizabethan Settlement, which set us on our course,
attempted to allow lots of wiggle room for all sides.

So did Jesus.  When quizzed about which commandments are most
important, he said that all must hang on just two, and `correct
doctrine' is not one of them.

St. Paul said that of faith, hope, and love -- love is by far the
greatest.  If we don't have it, faith that can move mountains will
count for nothing.

We see as only through a dirty glass.  God knows us already, and
already loves us.

Arguing over how to split distracts from these fundamental truths.

Joy to you.


On Feb 5 5:01pm XXXXXX wrote:

> Thank you for taking time to write.  My name is XXXXXX
> XXXXXX.  I worship at St. XXXXXXX Episcopal Church in
> XXXXXXXXX, CA - Bishop John David's diocese.  I was a
> member of XXX XXXXXX Episcopal Church in XXXXXXXX, CA
> when we left in mass from the Episcopal Church (all
> but one couple).  We felt we were not part of the
> diocese, but one that was barely tolerated.  We spent
> an inordinate amount of our time and resources trying
> to work in the diocese.  But the winner take all
> perspective made that work even more difficult.  I was
> the minority member of the diocese group studying
> human sexuality.  I was shocked to find the priests in
> the group held scripture with such low value as a
> guide to behavior.
> It was then that I came to believe that there are two
> churches in one ECUSA.  This was seven or eight years
> ago.  I think what is going on with Benison and
> others continue to show the winner take all approach.
> When I came to XXXX XXXX, the Episcopal church was the
> last church I looked at.  I did not wish to go through
> what I had been through just a couple of years before.
> But because I knew John David my wife and I allowed
> ourselves to be won over by the kind folks at St.
> XXXXX.  It is now time for St. XXXXX to set plans for
> a capital budget for expansion.  I do not wish to do
> that.  I am concerned that our conservative diocese
> will become liberal and no longer practices the faith
> as I believe is morally correct.  For example, if a
> young John David was selected to be our next bishop,
> the rest of the Episcopal Church would not confirm our
> election.  Just like it doesn't allow John David to
> practice his belief that WO is not in keeping with
> scripture, tradition, and reason.  Just like the
> abortion issue, there can be no middle ground in what
> is being discussed now.  Why not own up to the fact
> and allow the peaceful separation of the two main
> groupings of Christians now in ECUSA?

> --- Original Message ---

> From: Louie Crew <lcrew@andromeda.rutgers.edu>
> Subject: Re: ECUSA and two minds
> >Who are you?  Where do you worship?
> >
> >I don't have time to go into a long discussion at the
> >moment, having just come from nearly a month on the road, 
> >and facing many more trips.
> >
> >I think it is important to define ourselves as Christians and to seek
> >to unite in ministry as much as we are able.  We must not demonize
> >those with whom we disagree.  Without them, we may not get to see
> >Jesus.
> >
> >I am pleased to be part of a church that allows us to disagree about
> >issues.  No one has a corner on the truth.  I did not think of leaving
> >the church when the conservatives held the majority, and I would
> >advise conservatives to be patient; their day will return, even if not
> >necessarily on the issues now before the church.
> >
> >Best wishes to you.
> >
> >LC
> >
> >
> >
> >On Feb 4 6:20pm XXXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXX.net wrote:
> >
> >> I read the article Report on Confessing the Faith
> >> Conference by Kevin Jones.  It sounds just like
> >> comments I have heard regarding liberals taking over
> >> ECUSA with their pro gay and WO agendas.  I wrote you
> >> some time ago, back when I was with AOL, and find you
> >> to be open minded.
> >>
> >> Isn't it time to say that there are two main groups
> >> within ECUSA, liberals and conservatives.  I know the
> >> boundary is somewhat fuzzy, but the point is you won't
> >> change my mind about openly gay priests, same sex
> >> unions, and women's ordination.  We can talk until we
> >> are blue in the face but we are coming from two
> >> different belief systems.  We could continue to talk,
> >> and have more and more conservatives leave out of
> >> frustration, and at some point the only ones left will
> >> be liberals or we could say, OK let us part as
> >> friends, and continue to talk about reconciliation -
> -
> >>   Now how can we part as friends?
> >>
> >> What do you think?

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