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Re: An Open Opinion on the Authority of General Convention

There is no formal mechanism to kick a province out of the Anglican
Communion, only a mechanism to receive and a mechanism for a member
province to leave.

Those wishing to form a new province may petition the Anglican
Consultative Council (ACC). A province that wishes to leave may simply
vote to that effect and inform the ACC.

Note that `consultative' is the only power envisioned for the ACC when
it was named.  Each province elects one bishop, one clergy, and one lay
person, each with a nine-year term.  Executive Council elects ECUSA's
members:  Currently they are Rt. Rev. Cathy Roskam, Bishop Suffragan
of New York and The Rev. Robert Sessum, Diocese of Lexington.  The
term of our lay representative, Ms. Judith Conley, has expired.
Executive Council will elect her successor before the next meeting of
the ACC.

The Lambeth Conference is composed only of bishops, and every rallying
cry of the American Revolution would be brought to bear should anyone
try to give them the powers of a Roman curia.

Given all the other issues and crises in the world, the Anglican
Communion will make itself the laughing stock of history if it decides
to self-destruct over the kindness some may exercise toward lesbians
and gays.  Even if most provinces leave and then reconstitute
themselves in another more restrictive body, I would argue that those
from whom they thereby disassociate should continue to give generously
to support ministry among them, for `our' money is not really ours,
but God's, and their needs are so great.

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