Angels Unawares: ****

Mary's Marbles

She spent her life
Giving out marbles.
She would say, “Put it in your pocket”
Drink and it disappears.
Give it away to wipe tears.
Mary spent her life
Dumping marbles into the sky
They float like translucent bubbles
Bubbling up with a smile..
I have this theory: When we stand in a circle
And pray, our marbles float up like wishes
Bubbles juggling, sparring, spinning.
These are the marbles of sobriety
I have drawers-full. If I drink, I dump them
Into nothingness. I reach in my pocket
And retrieve one of Mary’s marbles
I hold it to the sun and it twinkles
Like Mary’s eyes.. If I drink I wish it away.
When my marbles pop, You give me one.
It multiplies like cells dividing
Floating around the sky
Mary’s Marbles float around the world
Like wishes. She spent her life giving out marbles
I reach deep in my pocket and pull one out for strength
It is comforting in my hand.
I hold it to the sun and it glistens
Like the twinkle in Mary’s eyes
Carried in our hearts
If I drink I dump my marbles into nothingness
And they pop like translucent bubbles
Floating up from the holding hands praying circle
Like the memory of Mary.
Glistening like bubbles floating in the sunshine
In the world where Mary lives.
Drink and you lose your last marble.
And now Mary is gone.

-- Cindy Wicks

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