Angels Unawares: ****


By The Rev. Ann Fontaine

One day I was working at our local Care and Share Food Bank in Lander, Wyoming. I felt very distant from God. I could not believe anymore. I had decided there was no point in church. As my friend, Sydne, and I worked sacking up the groceries for various family sizes, a young pregnant Native American woman, whom I did not know, came through the door. As she was picking up some food for her family, she said - "Ann, we haven't seen you for awhile."

It was one of those moments outside of time. I knew she was not saying she had not seen me around town because we did not know each other. It was a message in answer to my questioning distance from God. I heard God saying through her - we have not seen you - you are drifting away from us - come back. After she left I asked Syd - "Who was that?" Syd said, "That was Mary." She was my messenger.

Ann Fontaine
"Behold" 2 Epiphany

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