Laser Ablation - ICPMS

$80/hour for laser ablation

4 hour minimum per session

*If you are unable to come to Rutgers to measure your own samples, our team may be able to assist you for an additional charge.  Please contact us with the type of material you would like to analyze.

Solution- ICPMS

$60/hour for solution work

5 hour minimum per session

*If you would like to use the Rutgers University EPS clean lab facility for rock digestion, please contact us for additional pricing/availability


Please contact us via email (jvantongeren - at - to schedule time on the instruments.

Make sure to include:

  1. (1)what type of material and which elements

  2. (2)preferred dates and amount of time requested

  3. (3)any special standard requests

‡  All prices listed here are academic rate only.  For industry inquiries, please contact us directly (see below).

Are you a student?

We are now registered as an EarthScope AGeS (Awards for Geochronology Student Research) laboratory.

The AGeS program is a proposal-based program to encourage graduate students to participate in geochronology research at participating laboratories.  If you are interested in obtaining zircon U-Pb ages by LA-ICPMS in our lab, please consider applying for funding to offset your costs through this program.  Proposals are due every March, more details can be found at