Instrument Specs

Photon Machines 193 nm laser ablation

- Ultra short pulse Excimer Laser:  Analyte Excite 193nm

- Cross-polarized light microscope capable of imaging the entire thin section at a range of magnification

- Helex 2 Volume Cell

- Chromium software is fully integrated and triggered by the Qtegra software of the iCapQ allowing you to pick your points and let it run fully automated.

Thermo iCapQc mass spectrometer

  1. -Quality analysis of the full mass range

  2. -Detection limits <0.5 ppt for low mass range (e.g. 9Be) and <0.06 ppt for high mass range (e.g. 209Bi)

  3. -Easily interchangeable High Matrix and High Sensitivity interfaces

  4. -Ability to run with the CCT (collision cell technology) for He KED for sensitive analyses across the entire mass range

  5. -Qtegra software and data reduction

ESI SC2-DX dual rinse autosampler

-10-place rack for 50mL tubes and 2 exchangeable racks, each of which hold up to 90 sample tubes. 

-Software is fully integrated with the Qtegra iCap for automated sample runs. 



9 1-inch round thin section holder for laser ablation, with an additional 4 1/4-inch glass standard holes.  The large number of samples accommodated by the cell eliminates wasted time during sample exchange (e.g. reestablishing vacuum), and allows for automated runs of several hours and several samples. 

4 standard 2x3 cm rectangular thin section holder for laser ablation, with 3 additional 1-inch round mounts and 2 1/4-inch glass standard holes.  This holder is ideal for abnormally-sized materials, such as bivalves, teeth, or other anthropological materials.

Thermo NEPTUNE multi-collector

  1. -Available for Laser Ablation work or LA-Split Stream with the iCapQ

  2. -Operated by Dr. Linda Godfrey and Dr. Rick Mortlock

  3. -See website for more details: