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Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are pleased the annouce the launching of GradFund Wiki!

We are pleased the annouce the launching of GradFund Wiki!

GradFund Wiki is a newly created wiki for Graduate School New Brunswick students and their faculty mentors to share information and knowledge about graduate student grant and fellowship competitions. Our graduate student community has a great deal of expertise and knowledge about fellowships and grants for graduate study and research. With our wiki, we seek to create a knowledge base that can benefit all of our graduate students.

The wiki is located at Access is limited to the Rutgers, Graduate School New Brunswick community so when you first visit the site, you will need to follow a simple procedure to request access. Once you have access to the site, feel free to read the material, post a question or some information. The wiki is un-moderated and is a place for graduate students to freely and openly share information. Resource Center staff will occasionally post information or questions to help generate postings but for the most part, the wiki will be driven by graduate student postings.

Visit the site, post some information and help to build the GradFund Wiki!

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