Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

Faculty and Student Professional Update

April 2004



Dr. Struwe gave a lecture of the flora of the Lost Worlds in Venezuela at Utrecht University. Three scientific collections were visited: the herbaria of Utrecht University, LeidenUniversity, and Wageningen University. Among the exciting finds this week was at least 3 new and previously unknown species of gentians from South America that will now be described. Dr. Struwe also received access to collections that are housed in the Netherlands and was able to study several species in detail for the first time. The trip was supported by grants from NSF, Rutgers Research Council, and The Graduate School- New Brunswick.

Papers Published:

*Myla Aronson is a PhD candiate in Dr. Steven Handelís lab

** Nan Shao is a PhD candidate in Dr. Colleen Hatfieldís lab

***Kristi MacDonald is a PhD candidate in Dr. David Ehrenfeldís lab.

Faculty Achievements and Activities:

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