Professor II and Dean of Academic and Student Programs

Address: 150 ENRS Building, Cook Campus

14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551

Phone: (732) 932-3000 x 516

E-Mail: tca@rci.rutgers.edu

Research Interests:

Pure and applied apsects of biodiversity. Energetics and biomechanics of animal locomotion. Comparative muscle function. Thermal physiological ecology of insects and vertebrates. Ecological and evolutionary implications of animal morphology and energetics. Evolutionary physiological ecology.

Selected publications:

1. 1991. Ellington, C.P., K. E. Machin, and T. M. Casey. Oxygen consumption of bumblebees in free forward flight - no power curve. Nature 347: 472-473.

2. 1991. Casey, T.M. Energetics of caterpillar locomotion: constraints of a hydraulic skeleton. Science 252: 112-114.

3. 1992. Casey, T.M., Energetics of locomotion. In: Mechanics of Animal Locomotion (R. McNeill Alexander ed.) Adv. Comp. & Environ. Physiol. 11: 251-275.

4. 1992. Casey, T.M. Biophysical ecology and heat exchange of insects. Amer. Zool. 32: 225-237.

5. 1993. Casey, T. M. Effects of temperature on caterpillar foraging. Pages 5-28 in: Ecological and Evolutionary Constraints on Caterpillar Foraging (N. Stamp and T. M. Casey, eds.) Chapman & Hall, NY.

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