THEODORE B. SHELTON, Professor and Extension Specialist

Address: Meteorology Building, Cook Campus

80 Nichol Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-2882

Phone: (732) 932-8264

FAX: (732) 932-3222



B.S. Bucknell University, (Chemistry).
M.S. Rutgers University, (Environmental Science).
Ph.D. Rutgers University, (Environmental Science).

Areas of Expertise:

Groundwater resource management
Onsite wastewater management
Water quality update
Improving water quality in NJ
Controlling nonpoint sources of water pollution
Watershed protection and management
Water quality-safe drinking water
Water conservation
Nonpoint source pollution control

Impact and Effect of Work:


Interpreting Drinking Water Quality Analysis - What do the Numbers Mean? 4th Edition, 1994. Rutgers Cooperative Extension, New Brunswick, NJ.

Septic System Care - Essentials of Using and Maintaining Your Septic Tank Sewage System. 1994 (revised). Rutgers Cooperative Extension, New Brunswick, NJ.

Designing Water Conservation Program - An Annotated Bibliography of Source Materials. 1993. US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, 832-13-93-003.

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