Address: 101 Plant Physiology Building, Cook Campus

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New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1582

Phone: (732) 932-4516

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A.B. Columbia College, 1969.
M.S. Cornell University, 1974.
Ph.D. Cornell University, 1976.

Selected publications:

Handel, S.N., and A.J. Beattie. 1990. Seed dispersal by ants. Scientific American 263:76-83A.

Peakall, R., S.N. Handel, and A.J. Beattie. 1991. The evidence for, and importance of, ant pollination. Pages 421-429 In Ant - Plant Interactions. C. R. Huxley and D. F. Cutler, eds. oxford Univ. Press, Oxford, U.K.

Robinson, G.R., S.N. Handel, and V.R. Schmalhofer. 1992. Survival, reproduction, and recruitment of woody plants after fourteen years on a reforested landfill. Environmental Management 16:265-271.

Robinson, G.R., and S.N. Handel. 1993. Forest restoration on a closed landfill: rapid addition of new species by bird dispersal. Conservation Biology 7:271-278.

Handel, S. N., G. R. Robinson, and A. J. Beattie. 1994. Biodiversity resources and restoration ecology. Restoration Ecology 2:230-241.

Robinson, G.R., M.E. Yurlina, and S.N. Handel. 1994. A century of change in the Staten Island flora: ecological correlates of species losses and invasions. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 121:119129.

Vivian-Smith, G., and S. N. Handel. 1996. Fresh water wetland restoration of an abandoned sand mine: seed bank recruitment dynamics and plant colonization. Wetlands 16:185-196.

Handel, S. N. 1997. The role of plant-animal mutualisms in the design and restoration of natural communities. Pages 111-132 in: Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development. K. M. Urbanska, N. R.,Webb, and P. J. Edwards, editors. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Handel, S.N., G.R. Robinson, W.F. Parsons, and J.H. Mattei. 1997. Restoration of woody plants to capped landfills: root dynamics in an engineered soil. Restoration Ecology. 5:178-186.

Research Interests:

Restoration ecology; Plant population dynamics; Population ecology and genetics; Plant-animal interactions; microevolutionary changes in plant populataions.
Restoration of vegetation on degraded land; Pollen and seed dispersal as the vehicles of gene flow; Biology of clonal growth; Evolution of pollination systems in Australian orchids.
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