John E. Kuser, Associate Professor

Address: 132 ENR Building, Cook Campus

14 College Farm Road

New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551

Phone: (732) 932-9211

FAX: (732) 932-8746



A.B. 1948 Princeton University (magna cum laude)
M.S. 1977 Rutgers University (Hort. & Forestry)
Ph.D. 1980 Oregon State University (Forest Science)

Research Interests:

My chief research interests are urban forestry,  forest genetics/tree improvement, and cedar swamp restoration. 

Representative publications:

Kuser, J. E. 2000 Handbook of Urban and Community Forestry in the Northeast  Kluwer Academic/Pelnum Publishers.  The Origins of Urban Forestry, Jean Koch; Understanding the Benefits and Costs of Urban Forest Ecosystems, David J. Nowak and John F. Dwyer; Arboriculture Law in the Northeast, Victor D. Merullo; Tree Ordinances, Michael V. D'Errico; Community Planning and Natural Design, Steven Strom; Tree Inventory and Systematic Management, Richard S. Wolowicz and Michael Gera; Urban and Community Forestry Financing and Budgeting, Robert L. Tate; Community Involvement in Urban Forestry Programs, James Nichnadowicz; Soils: the Keys to Succesful Establishment of Urban Vegetation, George A. Hawver and Nina L. Bassuk; Selecting Trees for Community Landscapes, Henry D. Gerhold and William Porter; Guide to Selecting and Specifying Quality and Nursery Stock, Jim Sellmer and Larry Kuhns; Planting and Maintenance, James w. Consolloy; Pruning, Rober M. Argent; Trees, Utilities, and Municipalities, Robert F. Lee and Richard Wolowicz; Tree Roots versus Sidewalks and Sewers, William R. Comery, C.L.A.; Hazard Tree Inspection, Evaluation, and Management, E. Thomas Smiley, Bruce R. Fraedrich, and Peter H. Fengler; Integrated PEst Management, Deborah Smith-Fiola; Tree Appraisal:  The Goal is Equity, James B. Ingram; Leaf Composting, Peter F. Strom and and Melvin S. Finstein; Urban Tree Removals, Donald F. Blair; Recycling Urban Tree Removals, Edward A. Lempicki and Edward Cesa; Tree City USA, John Rosenow and Mary Yager; A Case Study of Paramus, New Jersey: A "Tree City USA" Community, William R. Comery, C.L.A.; Attracting and Managing for Wildlife, Kathleen E. Clark; Managing Urban Ecosystems: A Look to the Future of Urban Forestry, L. Robert Neville

This book can be ordered from the Rutgers University Cook College Book Store or through Kluwer Academic/ Penum Publishers website at      

Kuser, J.E., D.L. Sheely, and D.R. Hendricks. 1998. Genetic variation in two ex situ collections of the rare Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Cupressaceae) Silv. Gen. 46:258-264..

Kuser, J.E., T.R. Meagher, D.L. Sheely, and A. White. 1997 Allozyme Frequencies in New Jersey and North Carolina Populations of Atlantic White-cedar, Chamaecyparis thyoides (Cupressacae). Am. J. Bot. 84(11): 1536-1541.

Kuser, J.E. and G.A. Zimmermann. 1995. Restoring Atlantic White-Cedar Swamps: A Review of Techniques for Propagation and Establishment. Tree Planter's Notes 46(3): 78-85.

Kuser, J. E. 1994. Five-year heights of pitch pine seedlots at two New Jersey plantations. N. Jnl. Appl. Forestry. 11(4): 146-149.

Fimbel, R.A. and J. E. Kuser. 1993. Restoring the pygmy pine forests of New Jersey's Pine Barrens. Restoration Ecology: 1(2): 117-129.

Kuser, J.E., E. Brennan, and J. C. Eberhardt. 1989. Genecological variation in white pine growth rate, needle shedding and winter needle retention. Silv. Genet. 38(3-4): 121-125.

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