James E. Applegate


Address: 146 ENR Building, Cook Campus

14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551

Phone: (732) 932-9336

FAX: (732) 932-8746

E-Mail: applegate@aesop.rutgers.edu

Teaching and Research Interests:

Jim Applegate is a professor of Natural Resources in the Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources, Cook College, Rutgers University. He holds a B.S. in Agriculture from Rutgers (1964) and an M.S.(1966) and Ph.D.(1968) in Zoology from Penn State University. Graduate research and early professional publications involved the natural history of avian malaria. This research agenda was pursued further during active duty in the US Navy at the Naval Medical Research Institute at Bethesda, MD from 1968-1971.

Joining Rutgers College of Agriculture and Environmental Science in 1971, his research turned to human dimensions of wildlife management. Over the course of his career at Rutgers, his attention has gradually been redirected from research to undergraduate education. At present, he coordinates the undergraduate curriculum in Natural Resource Management and is involved in teaching 6 courses every year. A primary responsibility in recent years has been the development and coordination of a course for all incoming students to Cook College. In 1997, that course was delivered to 700+ students in 29 sections taught by faculty from throughout Cook College. Recent publications focus on innovations in education.

Selected publications:

Applegate, J. E. and K. E. Clark. 1987. Satisfaction levels of birders: An observation on the consumptive - nonconsumptive continuum. Leisure Sciences. 9: 129-134.

Nichols,T. C. and J. E. Applegate. 1987. The essential volumes of a wildlife professional's library: an application of delpli methodology. Wildl.Soc.Bull. 15:584-591.

Applegate, J. E. 1989. Patterns of early desertion among New Jersey hunters. Wildl. Soc. Bull. 17: 476-481.

Applegate, J. E. 1993. Species as systems. American Biology Teacher. 55(7): 392-398.

Applegate, J.E. 1995. Cooperative learning in graded assignments. American Biology Teacher. 57(6): 363-364.

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