CHARLES LECK, Associate Professor


Address: 134 ENRS Building, Cook Campus

14 College Farm Road

New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551

Phone: (732) 932-3211.



B.S. Muhlenburg College
Ph.D. Cornell University

Research Interests:

Current areas of greatest interest for research are: ecology of exotic species, problems in habitat fragmentation, and wetlands restoration. Most of my studies focus on birds and vegetation; major field effort is now in a tidal freshwater wetland.


In the Spring, Dr. Leck teaches Ornithology (119:323). Click here to see the 1998 Ornithology home page

Selected publications:

1991. C. Leck and Norton, R. Checklist of the Birds of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Antilles Press.

1988. C. Leck, Murray, B.G. and J. Swinebroad. Long-term changes in the breeding bird population of a New Jersey Forest. Biological Conservation 46: 145-157.

1988. C. Leck, Leck, M.A. Simpson, R.L. and D. F. Whigham. Plants of the Hamilton Marshes: A Delaware River freshwater tidal wetland. Bartonia No. 54: 1-17.

1984. C. Leck. The Status and Distribution of New Jersey's Birds. Rutgers University Press.

1975. C. Leck. The Birds of New Jersey : Their Habits and Habitats. Rutgers University Press.

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