James Applegate Award in Wildlife Conservation 2016
Amanda Bevan

Photo: Amanda Bevan 2016 James Applegate Award Winner Amanda Bevan joined the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources because of her passion for wildlife conservation. Since joining the department, she has studied bats as agents of agricultural pest control in New Jersey, gibbons in Java, orangutans in Borneo, bat conservation in Malawi, tamarins and ecotourism in Peru. She conducted her George H Cook honors research on white-nose syndrome in Indiana bats under the guidance of Dr. Brooke Maslo with assistance from Kathleen Kerwyn. With fellow student and friend Joe Zientek, she helped resurrect the Rutgers Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Immediately after graduation, Amanda will be working with the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database to study habitat requirements of federally-threatened long-eared bats. Ultimately, Amanda plans to obtain her Ph.D. and dedicate her career to connecting natural conservation interests with human community development.