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Field in Halimun National Park © Aishwarya BhattacharjeeAishwarya Bhattacharjee with children in Tuanan © Piper TompkinsOrangutans in Borneo © Liz Ballare

News and Events

  • Professor John Tedrow, Influential Soil Scientist, Passes Away

    John Tedrow © Nick Romanenko

    Professor Emeritus John C. F. Tedrow passed away on 2 October 2014 at the age of 97.  Dr. Tedrow earned three successive degrees in Soil Science at Penn State University (B.S. 1939), Michigan State University (M.S., 1940), and Rutgers University (Ph.D., 1950).  In 1947, he was appointed Instructor in the Department of Soils at Rutgers, where he was ultimately promoted to the rank of Professor II (now, Distinguished Professor) in 1972.  He advanced to the rank of Professor Emeritus upon his retirement in 1984, and he maintained an active research career in association with the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Sciences nearly until his death. READ MORE

  • EENR Undergrads Learn the Primatology Ropes in BorneoAmanda Bevan and Aishwarya (Ash) Bhattacharjee © Henry John-Alder

    Last June, undergraduates Amanda Bevan and Aishwarya (Ash) Bhattacharjee traveled to Borneo as part of a Rutgers study-abroad program in Primatology, Ecology, and Conservation, led by Professors Erin Vogel and Rob Scott.  They found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding: it pushed them beyond their personal comfort zones and tested their physical endurance, but the academic and cultural rewards were life-changing. READ MORE


About Us

Our interdisciplinary department specializes in ecology, evolution, and natural resource conservation. We study the evolutionary origins and maintenance of biodiversity, conserving and restoring native ecosystems, and issues of global change such as managing natural resources within urban ecosystems.


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