DC Lammerts
Assistant Professor
Department of Religion
Rutgers University

DC Lammerts is Assistant Professor of Buddhist and Southeast Asian Studies in the Department of Religion at Rutgers. His work focuses primarily on the history of Buddhism and law in Burma, and is based around the critical study of palm-leaf and paper manuscripts containing Buddhist legal, historical, scholastic, and literary texts written in Burmese, Pali, and a form of bilingual gloss called nissaya. He has published extensively on the dhammasattha genre of legal literature, the principal corpus of written law in precolonial mainland Southeast Asia, whose laws partly survive in regional legal systems. His first book, Buddhist Law in Burma: A History of Dhammasattha Texts and Jurisprudence, 1250–1850, is forthcoming in 2018 from the University of Hawai'i Press. Lammerts is currently working on two larger research projects: one, a history of the legislation of family law and Buddhism in premodern and colonial Burma and Arakan; the other, on comparative legal rituals (e.g., curses, oaths, ordeals) across Buddhist Asia during the second millennium CE.

Areas of Research Specialization

Buddhism in Burma and Southeast Asia; legal history; Pali and Burmese literature; manuscripts and epigraphy

Selected Publications

Forthcoming. Buddhist Law in Burma: A History of Dhammasattha Texts and Jurisprudence, 1250–1850. University of Hawai'i Press.

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