George H Cook Scholars Program
Time Line



(September 22, 2017) All Seniors present a 2 slide, 5 minute “Mini-Presentation” of their project (1 slide depicting the topic of their thesis; 1 slide explaining the results they hope to achieve) in the Cook Student Center.  Project advisors are asked to be present in the audience.  Readers are optional.


3-4 classes are offered (1 each week) in the evening to assist students in planning their thesis - pizza offered 


Special Permission Numbers are emailed to the Scholars for spring registration

Office sends out an email regarding Grant Information 


(January 16, 2018) Candidates are required to submit a Working Draft/Project Update of their thesis the first week back from winter break.  Since the cover sheet needs your advisor’s signature, you will need to drop off your draft in the Honors Office in person or scan it and send via email (Loree, Rm. 40).

This should be considered a rough draft of the thesis.  Use your original proposal as a guide.  The introduction and literature review should be completed in this draft.  The “Materials and Methods,” “Procedures” and anticipated “Results” (with time of completion) should be as complete as possible at this time.  There needs to show some data, even if not complete.

Late February

An email from the office asking students to verify their name, title of their thesis and their project advisor’s name as they would like it printed in the commencement program printing is sent.  Prompt reply is needed.

Late March

The Director creates the presentation schedule for Presentation Day; office emails the schedule to all participants. Any problems with scheduling such as class conflicts have to be brought to the attention of the office as soon as possible.  (

Early April

Candidates are required to submit a final draft of their Honors Thesis to their Project Advisor to be reviewed and signed (Example attached) then submitted to the Director, Reviewer and Co-Advisor (where applicable), for their review and approval.   Candidates are, therefore, strongly advised to submit a final draft to their Project Advisor at least a week prior to the deadline to assure ample time for his/her review, your revisions/corrections and their subsequent approval. (April 6, 2018)

Note that errors in manuscript mechanics (spelling, grammar, typos) or general carelessness in manuscript preparation will be as unacceptable to the Committee as errors in measurement or data. 


Presentation Day/Dinner  - (April 13, 2018) Candidates are required to make a 15-20 minute oral presentation of their work (a "defense" of their thesis or general discussion of their project) to the Honors Committee, Project Advisor(s), Reviewers, other interested faculty, parents, students, as well as the public are invited to attend.  

Each room will have an LCD projector and laptop.  Presentations should be brought on a flash drive for use with the equipment provided.  Candidates are divided into Sessions (based on topic)   and all students in each session are asked to attend the duration of that session to support their fellow honor students’ presentations, unless you have class. 
Dinner for Scholars, parents and project advisors will follow in the evening at Cook Campus Center, MPR-C – certificates presented (6:00 p.m. April 22, 2018)


All final Honors Thesis, after any revisions, are due in the office by the last day of class - Honors cord and tassel will be received when final thesis is handed in to secretary
(April 30, 2018) (Janice Geiger, Loree Building, Room 40)

The Format for the Final Honors Thesis

The formal requirements and length of the thesis should be discussed thoroughly with the Project Advisor, since they vary considerably according to discipline and the kind of project undertaken. The Honors Committee, however, requires the following standardization of the format of the typed manuscript (MS):

  1. Text typed double-spaced, on 8.5 x 11" (letter-sized) paper, with margins of 1”;
  2. A formal title page; (See attached example);
  3. A second page (endorsement page), signed by the Project Advisor;
  4. An abstract page, indicating the title of the thesis, the author's name and a single-spaced abstract (summary) of no more than 200 words;
  5. Subsequent pages numbered, beginning with 1;
  6. Tables/figures inserted on separate pages at the point of discussion or gathered at the end, according to the practice of the candidate's field;
  7. References cited parenthetically in the text, and gathered at the end of the paper. The REFERENCES or BIBLIOGRAPHY page(s) at the end must, however, include complete information on the sources;
  8. Discursive notes (if any) at the bottom of the page or gathered at the end;
  9. Supplementary documents (APPENDICES) gathered at the end, following the REFERENCE

The copy submitted to the Director must include the endorsement page. It will be forwarded to the candidate's Session Chair for review prior to the oral presentation. If the Session Chair is also serving as a Reviewer or SEBS Co-Advisor (to whom the candidate must submit a copy of the approved thesis), only a title page and endorsement page need be submitted to the Honors Office.

Candidates are advised to retain the "original" thesis at this time, in order to allow all reviewers the convenience of marginal commentary on a copy. If the honors thesis is accepted as presented to the Committee (or with only minor revisions required), retyping/printing of an entire thesis may thus be avoided. Candidates are also advised to avoid the use of unconventional typefaces that render the paper difficult to read.