Monsters Reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales

Weird Wonder Tales 1
#1, December 1973
The Thing That Devoured a Planet! ? Hartley Immense Thing
Enter: The Machine Age! repr. JIM 17 Check The Metal Monsters
It Came from beneath the Earth! (was "The Monster!") reti. AWW 12 Winiarski Ingoor
The Eye of Doom! repr. MYST 6 Wolverton The Eyes of Venus
Weird Wonder Tales 2
#2, February 1974
Crack-Up! repr. MT 138 Wildey Jayson
I Was Kidnapped by a Flying Saucer! ? Reinman The Little Men
The Unwanted! ? Walton The Martians
Murdock's Brain! repr. MT 126 Maneely Prof. Murdock
Weird Wonder Tales 3
#3, April 1974
The Thing in the Mud! repr. SPEL 22 Lawrence? Thing in the Mud
The Monster Men repr. MYST 30 ? Thog; The Robots
The Man from Outer Space repr. UT 12 Powell Creature from Outer Space; Mamie Morner
When You Believe repr. SPEL 16 Everett Big Jim Emmet; Billy Herrick
Weird Wonder Tales 4
#4, June 1974 
The Secret of the Black Planet repr. TOS 28 Ditko Black Planet alien
We Found the Ninth Wonder of the World repr. TTA 1 Kirby Ninth Wonder, Experiment XYZ
I Was the First Man to Set Foot on... the Mystery Planet! repr. TTA 1 Reinman living oil; robot people
Beyond Belief! repr. UT 44 Lazarus Jonathan Black
Weird Wonder Tales 5
#5, August 1974 
The Thing in Cell 13! reti. ST 81 Ditko Leader [I]
Greed! repr. AST 36 Tumlinson The Martians
I, the Robot repr. MENC 11 Romita Human Robot
The Invaders repr. TTA 34 Ditko The Invaders
Weird Wonder Tales 6
#6, October 1974
The Man Who Owned a Ghost! repr. AST 10 Everett? Alan Kent's Ghost
Was He Just Seeing Things? repr. AST 46 Stallman Junar; Toren
Homicide repr. MYST 12 ? Jim Lane
The Man in the Crazy Maze repr. ST 100 Kirby Fate; Charlie Burke
Weird Wonder Tales 7
#7, December 1974
It Walks Erect! repr. MYT 21 Reinman? Dr. Arthur Nagan
When Marty Moves repr. WOF 13 Doxsee Marty
Nightmare at Midnight repr. WOF 11 Mooney nightmare
The Wrath of Chondu repr. TOS 9 Wildey Chondu the Mystic
Prisoner of the Fantastic Fog repr. WOF 11 Torres Big Sam Morgan; Dr. Jerry Morgan
Weird Wonder Tales 8
#8, February 1975
The Last Laugh repr. AWW 9 Meskin Leo Burke
The Corpse repr. SUSP 16 ? Rorich
The Lady Vanished! repr. MYT 30 Forte Viola Adams
You're Gonna Live Forever repr. MENC 3 Maneely Harry Sikes
Weird Wonder Tales 9
9, April 1975 
The Murder Mirror! repr. MT 104 Weiss ?
The People Who Weren't repr. AIM 5 Everett ?
The Time-Saver repr. MYT 33 DiPreta ?
Enter... the Lizard repr. AIT 8 Lazarus ?
Weird Wonder Tales 10
#10, June 1975
When the Totem Walks! repr. ST 74 Ditko Totem
Mister Morgan's Monster! repr. ST 99 Kirby Mister Morgan's Monster
I Am the Beast-Man! repr. ST 77 Heck Amos the man-dog
Weird Wonder Tales 11
#11, August 1975
The Man Who Found Shangri-La repr. TOS 31 Kirby Harry Drumm
The Clock-Maker! repr. ST 96 Ditko clockwork man
I Am Dragoom!  The Flaming Invader! repr. ST 76 Kirby Dragoom
Weird Wonder Tales 12
#12, October 1975
Haag! Hunter of Helpless Humans! repr. TOS 37 Ditko Haag
Never Double-Cross a Martian repr. UT 37 Drucker Emperor Szh of Mars
Weird Wonder Tales 13
#13, December 1975
The Return of the Totem! repr. ST 75 Ditko Totem
Taboo! The Thing from the Murky Swamp! repr. ST 75 Kirby Taboo
The Great Disappointment! repr. JUW 17 Heath The Moon
Weird Wonder Tales 14
14, February 1976
Evil Is a Baaaad Scene! repr. TOW 4 Heck ?
The Man Who Couldn't Be Touched! repr. WOS 3 Forgione ?
There Were 3 Victims! repr. AST 53 Greene ?
Man in the Dark! repr. MYST 37 Tumlinson ?
Weird Wonder Tales 15
#15, April 1976
The Man Who Owned the World! repr. COD 4 Sutton Gregory Irkadin
The Cave of Shaggdorr! repr. ST 95 Heck Shaggdorr
Behold Him! He is the Martian! repr. TTA 25 Kirby Dan Blake, Martian Spy
Weird Wonder Tales 16
16, June 1976 
It Fell from the Flying Saucer! repr. TTA 31 Kirby pencil from the flying saucer
The Box of Doom! repr. VENUS 19 Everett Venus
The Shark! repr. MADV 25 Sinnott ?
Weird Wonder Tales 17
#17, August 1976
I Was Captured by the Creature from Krogarr! repr. TTA 25 Kirby Creature from Krogarr
First Moon-Walk repr. MADV 24 Colan Lance Tate; King Phillips
The Mad Mountain! repr. VENUS 18 Everett Venus; malevolent flowers
Weird Wonder Tales 18
#18, October 1976
I Created Krang! The Most Fantastic Monster the World Has Ever Known! repr. TTA 14 Kirby Krang
The Cartoonist's Calamity!  repr. VENUS 17 Everett Venus; grotesque cartoons
Weird Wonder Tales 19
#19, December 1976
I Am Dr. Druid! rewr. AA 1 Kirby Doctor Druid; Gorlion
I Challenged... Groot! The Monster from Planet X! repr. TTA 13 Kirby Groot
The Hypnotist repr. AST 47 Krigstein Prof. Dubois
Weird Wonder Tales 20
#20, January 1977
The Madness! repr. ST 97 Kirby Keeper of the Asylum
Behold the Power of Zamu! rewr. AA 3 Kirby Doctor Druid; Zamu of R'zahn
What Happened in the Wax Museum? repr. AAF 14 Ditko Herr Wagner
One Man's Leprechaun repr. MT 146 Drucker? leprechaun
Weird Wonder Tales 21
#21, March 1977
Behind the Dreadful Door! rewr. ST 97 Colan Doctor Druid; The Dimension X artists
I Discovered Gorgilla! rewr. TTA 12 Kirby Doctor Druid; Gorgilla
Beware of the Giants! repr. AAF 14 Ditko Mr. Jann the Leprechaun
Weird Wonder Tales 22
#22, May 1977
The World Below! rewr. AA 2 Kirby Doctor Druid; The Aquaticans
When a Planet Dies! rewr. ST 97 Kirby Doctor Druid; The "Cosmic Elders"; Rackozo Roor
The Strange Ones repr. MT 134 Kubert alien exile