The Monsters Reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell

Where Monsters Dwell 1
#1, January 1970 
I Brought the Mighty Cyclops Back to Life! repr. TOS 10 Kirby Cyclops
Gorgolla! The Living Gargoyle!! repr. ST 74 Kirby Gorgolla
I Alone Know the Dread Secret of Gor-Kill, the Lurking Demon! repr. TOS 12 Kirby Gor-Kill
Where Monsters Dwell 2
#2, March 1970
I Created Sporr! The Thing That Could Not Die! repr. TOS 11 Kirby Sporr
I Am Dragoom! The Flaming Invader! repr. ST 76 Kirby Dragoom
Taboo! The Thing from the Murky Swamp! repr. ST 75 Kirby Taboo
Where Monsters Dwell 3
#3, May 1970
Grottu, King of the Insects! repr. ST 73 Kirby Grottu
I Fought the Colossus! repr. ST 72 Kirby Colossus [I]
The Gargoyle! repr. ST 78 Reinman handsome aliens
A Martian Walks Among Us! repr. ST 78 Kirby Martian
Where Monsters Dwell 4
#4, July 1970
Behind My Door Waits... Medusa! repr. TOS 10 Ditko Medusa
I Met the Thing on Midnight Island! repr. TOS 12 Heck Ape-Creature
I Was Trapped in Nightmare Valley repr. TOS 10 Reinman Nightmare Trees
The Monster in My Cellar! repr. TOS 12 Crandall Monster in the Cellar
Where Monsters Dwell 5
#5, September 1970
The Return of Taboo! repr. ST 77 Kirby Taboo
The Strange Magic of Master Khan! repr. ST 77 Ditko Master Khan
We Met in the Swamp! repr. TTA 7 Kirby Swamp Aliens
I Lived a Ghost Story! repr. TTA 7 Reinman Mr. Howard
Where Monsters Dwell 6
#6, November 1970
I Challenged... Groot! The Monster from Planet X! repr. TTA 13 Kirby Groot
I Dared to Look into the Beyond! repr. TTA 11 Kirby Derek Welles
My Friend is... Not Quite Human! repr. TTA 13 Ditko Gustav the woodcarver
When the Saucer Strikes! repr. ST 71 Reinman Martian flying saucer
Where Monsters Dwell 7
#7, January 1971 
Rommbu! repr. TTA 19 Kirby Rommbu
The Terrible Trap! repr. TTA 19 Ditko Zomok the Trapper
The Thing with Red Eyes repr. TTA 19 Heck Al Rocco
Where Monsters Dwell 8
#8, March 1971
Look Out!! Here Come the ... Four-Armed Men! repr. TTA 26 Kirby Four-Armed Men
It Happened on "The Silent Screen" repr. TTA 21 Ditko Hulk [III]
Run, Rocky, Run! repr. TTA 26 Forgione Rocky Jordan
Dream World! repr. TTA 26 Ditko dreamer
Where Monsters Dwell 9
9, May 1971 
I Learned the Monstrous Secret of Bombu! repr. JIM 60 Kirby Bombu
I Found the Things from Nowhere repr. JIM 60 Kirby Things from Nowhere
The Magic of Mordoo! repr. JIM 75 Reinman Mordoo
The Man Who Lost the World repr. JIM 75 Ditko Bruno the lab assistant
Where Monsters Dwell 10
#10, July 1971 
Gigantus, the Monster That Walked Like a Man! repr. JIM 63 Kirby Goliath
The Frog-Man! repr. ST 104 Ditko King Zakkim
Barker's Body Shop! repr. JIM 89 Brodsky Carl Barker
Dinner Time on Deimos! repr. JIM 94 Lieber The Deimosians
Where Monsters Dwell 11
#11, September 1971 
Gruto! The Creature from Nowhere! repr. JIM 67 Kirby Gruto
We Were Trapped With the Silent Monster! repr. JIM 60 Heck Silent Monster
Where Monsters Dwell 12
#12, November 1971 
Orogo!! The Nightmare from Outer Space!! repr. JIM 57 Heck Orogo
The Earth-Crawlers! repr. JIM 57 Ditko Tutaku; giant roots
The Metal Monster repr. JIM 57 Reinman Grogko the gypsy
The Last Voyage of Captain Kragg repr. JIM 67 Ditko Captain Kragg
The Pretender! repr. TTA 31 Reinman Kusoom
Quogg! repr. TTA 30 Ditko Quogg
The Black Clock! repr. JIM 67 Heck black clock
Where Monsters Dwell 13
#13, January 1972 
I Dared to Battle the Crawling Creature! repr. TTA 22 Kirby Crawling Creature
When Darkness Falls!! repr. JIM 69 Ditko living mannequins
The Frightening Fog repr. TTA 28 Ditko The Mongoors
Where Monsters Dwell 14
#14, March 1972
The Green Thing! repr. TOS 19 Kirby Green Thing
The Haunted Paper! repr. TOS 19 Ditko Nick Rover
The Coming of Maaboo! repr. TOS 19 Heck Maaboo
Where Monsters Dwell 15
#15, May 1972 
Kraa the Unhuman repr. TOS 18 Kirby Kraa
Meet the Dead! repr. JIM 11 Perlin Madame Rosalind
Dead Ringer! new Buckler Billy J. Lee
Where Monsters Dwell 16
#16, July 1972 
Beware of Googam, Son of Goom!! repr. TOS 17 Kirby Googam
He Who Laughs Last Gets... The Horselaugh repr. UT 14 Lawrence Joe Rich
I Am... Gorak! repr. TOS 15 Ditko Gorak
Where Monsters Dwell 17
#17, September 1972 
I Opened the Door to... Nowhere! repr. JIM 61 Ditko hypnotist
If the Coat Fits! repr. JIM 11 Heath parallel world people
The World Beyond repr. ST 82 Ditko Professor and Crackers
The Hidden Vampires repr. JIM 11 DiPreta Stefan Kero's family
Where Monsters Dwell 18
#18, November 1972 
The Sacrifice! repr. ST 91 Kirby Plant-Thing
The Red Face repr. MT 105 ? Devil
The Mask of Morgumm! repr. ST 91 Heck Morgumm
The Man Who Vanished! repr. MT 105 Sinnott evil old man; dreadful plant
Where Monsters Dwell 19
#19, January 1973 
The Insect Man repr. TOS 24 Kirby Insect Man
Beware... the Ticking Clocks! repr. TOS 24 Kirby Klugari; Claudius Zemu
Something Lurks in the Fog! repr. TOS 24 Heck things in black
Long Live the King repr. TOS 24 Ditko Prince Rujak
Where Monsters Dwell 20
#20, March 1973
Klagg! His Mission: Destroy Mankind! repr. TOS 21 Kirby Klagg, Klagg's Ship
While the Town Sleeps! ? Schaffenberger? statue
What Happened to Harry? repr. TTA 29 Ayers Harry Brown, 
Albert Poole
Where Monsters Dwell 21
21, May 1973 
Fin Fang Foom! repr. ST 89 Kirby Fin Fang Foom
Haunted! repr. JIM 1 Carrabotta ?
The Clutching Hands! repr. JIM 1 Massey ?
Where Monsters Dwell 22
#22, July 1973 
Elektro! He Held a World in His Iron Grip! repr. TOS 13 Kirby Elektro
I Found the Girl in the Blue Glass Bottle! repr. TOS 34 Kirby Elias Dane
The Demon in the Dungeon! repr. TOS 13 Heck Demon in the Dungeon
Where Monsters Dwell 23
#23, September 1973 
The Monster Hunts for Me! repr. ST 92 Kirby Hunting Thing
Inside the Flying Saucer! repr. ST 92 Ditko Martians
The Hooded Horror! repr. MYST 12 Infantino Hooded Horror
Where Monsters Dwell 24
#24, October 1973 
I Was Trapped by the Things on Easter Island! repr. TTA 5 Kirby Lithodia Rexians
The Ape Man repr. ST 85 Ditko Ape Man
The Spice of Life! ? ? Mr. Ed Bean
What Will Happen to Mankind If... The Monster Escapes repr. ST 95 Kirby Escaped Monster
Where Monsters Dwell 25
#25, November 1973 
The Ruler of Earth! repr. JIM 81 Kirby Ruler of Earth
They Called Her a Witch! repr. MYST 10 Heath Anna Nikhail
When the Earth Vanished! repr. TOS 13 Ditko The Goloks
The Man Who Fell! repr. ST 85 Reinman Katrina the gypsy
Where Monsters Dwell 26
#26, January 1974 
The Thing Called Metallo! repr. TOS 16 Kirby Metallo
The Man Who Followed! repr. MT 140 Colan Martian Ape
The Executioner! repr. UT 9 ? Executioner
Where Monsters Dwell 27
#27, March 1974
From Out of the Black Pit Came Grogg! repr. ST 83 Kirby Grogg
Follow the Leader repr. JIM 76 Kirby Leader [II]
Where Monsters Dwell 28
#28, May 1974
I Saw Droom, the Living Lizard! repr. TTA 9 Heck Droom
Where Monsters Prowl repr. MT 125 Abel? Zirtalx
Tough Guy repr. JUW 17 Rosenberger The Devils
The Little Monster repr. MYT 15 Abel Centaurian
Where Monsters Dwell 29
#29, July 1974 
Ozamm the Terrible! repr. TTA 39 Heck Ozamm
A Fate Worse Than Death repr. MENC 11 Moskowitz Llmr
Tennis Anyone? repr. AIT 24 Benulis? Dick Satin
The Wax Men repr. AIT 24 Sinnott Jonathan Welch
Where Monsters Dwell 30
#30, September 1974 
The Thing in the Black Box! repr. JIM 74 Kirby Thing in the Black Box
13 Years! repr. SPEL 22 Savage jewel thief
The Man Who Wasn't repr. JIM 16 Walton Adam
Just Suppose... repr. MT 129 Mortellaro alien prince
Where Monsters Dwell 31
31, October 1974 
I Was In the Clutches of the Living Shadow! repr. ST 79 Kirby Warlord Kaa
The Mental Case repr. UT 11 Greene? Demon in My Head
Fifty-Fifty repr. MT 114 ? Steve Corby
Johnny's Last Jump repr. MYT 15 ? Johnny the gangster
Where Monsters Dwell 32
#32, November 1974 
The Return of the Monster repr. MT 96 ? Frankenstein's monster
I Discovered the Secret of the Flying Saucers! repr. STW 1 Kirby Flying Saucer
The Face! repr. WOS 7 Maneely Roy Farnum
Where Monsters Dwell 33
#33, January 1975 
In the Shadow of Tragg -- He Who Walks Beneath the Earth! repr. MOTP 13 Shores Tragg
Backstage Madness! (was "Backstage Horror!") reti. SUSP 16 Whitney Ghoul of Gravesend
The Man Who Meddled! repr. MT 128 Winiarski Dr. Paul Hartwick
Forbidden Forest! repr. AST 46 DiPreta St. Hubert
Where Monsters Dwell 34
#34, March 1975 
The Man in the Beehive! repr. TOS 32 Kirby Lucius Farnsworth
The Revolt of Wilbur Bixby! repr. SPEL 14 Burgos? centaurs
Crazy repr. UT 3 Robinson hit-and-run driver
No Way Out! repr. TTA 9 Ditko Dr. Harris
Where Monsters Dwell 35
#35, May 1975 
Gorgolla! The Living Gargoyle!! repr. ST 74 Kirby Gorgolla
Genius! repr. MENC 4 Maneely Gerald Morsden
Beware the Hands of Hundu repr. ST 74 Heck Hundu
Where Monsters Dwell 36
#36, July 1975 
The Missing Link! repr. TOS 31 Ditko Missing Link
What Lurks Beneath? repr. AST 46 Andru Brad Benson
The Terrible Fate of Mr. Wren! repr. UT 54 Tartaglione Hubert Wren
The Impossible Tunnel! repr. ST 96 Kirby Underground Octopus
Where Monsters Dwell 37
#37, September 1975 
Behold -- the Monster! repr. TOS 37 Ditko The Alien Armada
The Strange Prison repr. MYST 57 Everett The Underwater World
The World Beyond repr. ST 82 Ditko Professor and Crackers
Fangs of the Monster repr. ST 82 Heck Sea Monster
Where Monsters Dwell 38
#38, October 1975 
No Human Can Beat Me! repr. ST 98 Kirby Gladiator Alien
Mystery of the Mountain repr. WOF 15 Rule? The Dimensional Neighbors
The Green Man! repr. WOS 3 Williamson Capt. Rusty Lewis
King of the Glacier Men repr. JUW 55 Williamson The Glacier Men