The Monsters Reprinted in Where Creatures Roam

Where Creatures Roam 1
#1, July 1970 
I am the Brute That Walks! repr. JIM 65 Kirby Brute That Walks
Kragoo! repr. JIM 65 Heck Kragoo
Fear in the Night repr. JIM 65 Ditko Fear in the Night
Where Creatures Roam 2
#2, September 1970
I Spent Midnight with the Monster on Bald Mountain! repr. TTA 7 Ditko Thing from Bald Mountain
I Dared Defy the Floating Head! repr. TTA 8 Reinman Floating Head
I Am the Man without a Face! repr. ST 71 Sinnott Rufus Watkins
He Waits for Us in the Glacier! repr. TTA 7 Heck Anuxa
Where Creatures Roam 3
#3, November 1970
Here Comes... Thorg the Unbelievable repr. TTA 16 Kirby Thorr
I Am the Victim of the Sorcerer! repr. TTA 16 Ditko Sorcerer
Save Me from the Mole Men! repr. TTA 16 Reinman The Mole Men [III]
I Live Again! repr. TTA 8 Ditko Thing from Bald Mountain
Where Creatures Roam 4
#4, January 1971
Vandoom, the Man Who Made a Creature! repr. TTA 17 Kirby Vandoom's Creature
Beware! Of the Ghastly Glass! repr. TTA 17 Ditko wishing crystal
Where Creatures Roam 5
#5, March  1971
Gorgilla Strikes Again! repr. TTA 18 Kirby Gorgilla
Something Missing!! repr. TTA 24 Heck The Mercurians
He Waits in the Dark! repr. TTA 24 Ditko waiting man
Where Creatures Roam 6
#6, May 1971
I Brought Zog Back to Life! repr. JIM 56 Heck Zog
The Painting! repr. JIM 71 Ditko Simon Squeed
I Planted the Seeds of Doom! repr. JIM 56 Kirby Seeds of Doom
I Shrunk Away to Nothing! repr. JIM 56 Ditko Brad the drifter
Where Creatures Roam 7
#7, July 1971
The Glop! reti. JIM 72 Kirby Glob
The Patient in Room 3D repr. JIM 72 Reinman intelligent 
Will This Be the End of the World? repr. JIM 72 Ditko microscopic people
Where Creatures Roam 8
#8, September 1971 
When the Mummy Walks repr. TTA 31 Kirby Mummy
Where Will You Be, When...The Spider Strikes! repr. JIM 73 Kirby Spider
Behold Him! He Is the Martian! repr. TTA 25 Kirby Martian Spy