The Monsters Reprinted in Vault of Evil

Vault of Evil 1
#1, February 1973
The Thing That Grew! repr. AIT 7 Lazarus Protoform
The Withered Hand repr. AIT 19 Reinman Tibetan mystic
The Man in the Box repr. JUW 33 Benulis Man in the Box
Poor Mister Watkins repr. MENC 1 Roth Mr. Watkins
Vault of Evil 2
2, April 1973
The Witching Hours! repr. ST 13 ? ?
The Bugs! repr. WOM 3 Torres ?
How Clumsy Can Ya Be repr. JIM 2 ? ?
The Hiding Place ? ? ?
The Unseen repr. AIM 5 Brodsky ?
Vault of Evil 3
3, June 1973
The Woman Who Wasn't! repr. AIT 15 DiPreta Medusa
Jaws of Death repr. AIT 15 Massey Bart Tedlow's ghost
The Tarantula! repr. AIT 15 Rosen Josiah Creech
The Lion's Mouth! repr. AIT 15 ? Pierre Brazo
Vault of Evil 4
#4, August 1973
The Face That Followed! repr. JIM 15 ? Tony Trent
Who Is the Master? repr. AST 59 Sale super-intelligent dogs
The Mystery of the Doomed Derelict! ? Romita Capt. Josiah Wedgewood
Till Death Do Us Part repr. JIM 15 Carrabotta Herbert and Stella
Vault of Evil 5
5, September 1973
My Friend the Ghost repr. SPEL 12 DiPreta Kenneth Reese's ghost
On the Spot! repr. SPEL 12 Reinman Danny's ghost
The Diet of Donald Moore repr. SPEL 12 Kweskin Donald Moore
What Happened to Mister Snively? repr. SPEL 12 Heath Mr. Snively
Vault of Evil 6
#6, October 1973
Help Wanted! repr. MYST 19 Lawrence demon
Don't Shrink Sam's Head! repr. MYST 23 ? The Jivaro head-hunters
The Other Face repr. JIM 11? Tuska Jason Lucas; Dr. Andrew Arnold
They Dive by Night repr. MYST 19 ? man-eating clams
Vault of Evil 7
7, November 1973
Not Flesh and Blood! repr. MYST 11 Fass ?
Detour! repr. MYST 9 ? ?
Horror in the City repr. MYST 11 ? ?
The Black Gloves repr. MYST 11 Brown ?
Vault of Evil 8
#8, December 1973
Brother Vampire! repr. AST 35 Eadeh Hans the vampire
Collins Is in His Coffin! repr. AST 35 Winiarski Josh Collins
Jessica! repr. AST 35 Greene Jessica
The Terrible Trunk repr. AWW 5 Sinnott terrible trunk
Vault of Evil 9
#9, February 1974
The Giant Killer! repr. MT 130 ? The Chan Brothers
The Gentlemen of the Jury! repr. AWW 17 Heath The Ghosts of "Curly" Grogan's gang
The Dictator! ? ? Leader Zinyov
Murder! repr. MT 125 Wildey Rodney and Eric
Vault of Evil 10
#10, April 1974
The Death of a Puppet! repr. SPEL 13 Mooney Zorasto
Let's Face It repr. SPEL 13 ? Roger Brent
The Pitchman! repr. SPEL 13 Brown Herman Hunkle
They Wait in the Caves! repr. MYST 52 ? John Panyard; South Seas natives
Bertha Gets Buried repr. UT 12 Kweskin Bertha's husband
Vault of Evil 11
#11, June 1974
Burton's Blood! repr. MENC 2 Everett? John Burton
The Tomb! repr. MYST 7 Colan Silas Worth
The Sinister Stone! repr. WOF 11 Winiarski ruby of Sambana
Return of the Genie! repr. TTA 9 Kirby Genie
Vault of Evil 12
#12, August 1974
Locked In! repr. MENC 11 Powell the ghosts of the Crandells
Close Shave! repr. SPEL 14 Kida Crawfish Cobbs
The Hangman's Noose repr. AIT 12 Winiarski Abner Slocum
Only One to a Customer repr. UT 29 Moskowitz alien toy men
Vault of Evil 13
#13, September 1974
The Heat's On repr. SPEL 14 Heath Rock Zucco
The Telepathic Typewriter repr. UT 42 Drucker Paul Lawson
The Madman repr. MENC 4 Everett Four-Armed Men
Contents: One Human! repr. AST 46 McCarty Martian
Vault of Evil 14
14, October 1974
The Ghost of Grismore Castle! repr. ST 79 Ditko ?
The Albatross! repr. UT 29 ? ?
Only an Insect! repr. AST 10 Morisi ?
Dorothy's Doll repr. MYST 12 Colan ?
Vault of Evil 15
#15, November 1974
Don't Shake Hands with the Devil! repr. MT 96 Sekowski Devil
The Gargoyle from the Fifth Galaxy! repr. WOF 19 Heck Gargoyle from the Fifth Galaxy
The Graveyard! repr. MYT 18 Ayers ghost elephant
Arise, Oh Geni... repr. WOF 16 Ditko Geni
Vault of Evil 16
16, December 1974
A Stranger Among Us repr. WOS 1 Everett ?
Helen's Hubby! repr. MYT 21 Pike ?
The Honeymooners repr. MYST 21 Mortellaro ?
Effigy! repr. AIM 8 Torres? ?
The Uncanny Keys repr. WOF 15 Doxsee ?
Vault of Evil 17
#17, February 1975
I Crawl through Graves repr. AWW 5 Ayers Mr. Arcularos
The Dark Room! repr. AIT 6 Rule? snake with the terrible head
The Mark of Death! repr. UT 6 Forte Aunt Sophie
My Other Body! repr. MENC 11 Katz conscience
Vault of Evil 18
#18, April 1975
A Coffin for Carlos repr. MT 110 ? Carlos Lopes
No Place to Hide! repr. AIM 5 Forte Ernst Mahl
What World Is This? repr. MYT 51 Andru? Cole
Mass Murder repr. STOU 10 Sale Dr. Peter Farnum
The Perfect Hide-Out repr. STOU 11 Bolle Masked Thief
Vault of Evil 19
#19, June 1975
Inside the Tomb! repr. UT 54 Berg hypnotic mummies
Beware!! The Ghosts Surround Me!! repr. ST 76 Heck The dimensional aliens
Strange Doings in Cell 4-B! repr. WOF 15 Certa Pop the prison trusty
The Evil Eye repr. AST 33 Herro hag
Vault of Evil 20
20, August 1975
Quogg! repr. TTA 30 Ditko Quogg
The Stranger in Space! repr. TOS 30 Forte duplicate Frank Mason
A Scream in the Night! repr. AIT 30 Colletta The Druids
The Warning repr. UT 54 Krigstein Leo Bishop's dog
Vault of Evil 21
21, September 1975
The Victims of Vonntor! repr. UT 14 Heath Vonntor
Nothing repr. MYST 6 ? ?
Man on the Scaffold repr. SUSP 28? ? ?
The Rescue repr. UT 37 Forgione ?
Vault of Evil 22
#22, October 1975
The Treasure of Planetoid 12! repr. ST 107 Ditko Charlie Nast
Lost! repr. MYT 9 ? troglodyte Nolan
For the Birds! repr. UT 14 Winiarski giant bird
Hunger repr. MYT 9 Brown Herman Hendler
Vault of Evil 23
#23, November 1975
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall... repr. TTA 27 Heck Black Magician
The Man in the Morgue repr. MYT 9 ? Harry Gluck
Dog-Gone! repr. MT 129 ? Poochie
Point of View repr. AST 33 Carreno Morgan the janitor